Protect Building Materials

Tree mass is used as a convenient building material, but wood has its negative sides, and: the material is flammable and prone to rotting. It turned out that, until now the methods that are 100% secured to the influence of the above factors are absent. But there is a set of measures which reduce the percentage of their occurrence. The flame, of course, causing the fire. How to protect yourself from it – is, above all, to take care of fire fighting measures. Conduct a reliable, high quality electrical wiring, here is best suited for advanced impregnation of brick and fire protection for the wood.

The process of decay is influenced by various microbes in the timber related to these conditions. For the decay condition is bad wood is dried. % Moisture such timber can be achieved with dried from winter to summer, subject to central Russia. It follows that if construction of the house, you should consider natural ventilation, the house and its construction details. Protecting wood from decay and the environment provides a waterproof roof and painted with water resistant paint material, and capillary moisture – sealing respectively. Therefore, it is advisable not to plant trees near the house, giving opacity and prevent aeration. Oh, and if such measures do not protect completely turns the wood from moisture, protect it with a modern antiseptic.

Antiseptic is divided into 3 groups: water soluble, which include trudnovymyvaemye, leachable, indelible, legkovymyvaemye, oily (Nevymyvaemye) organorastvorimye (nevymyvaemye). Antiseptics for wood, used to protect wood from decay, must meet the following requirements: be highly toxic (poisonous) in relation to wood destroying fungi, but to be human and animal friendly, long retain this toxicity, penetrate into the wood easily, does not degrade the mechanical and physical quality of wood is not finished and pasting utrudnyat timber. Antiseptics for water-soluble wood protection issued in the form of dry mixtures of salt. The main ingredient of insect control, destroying the wood in the stock of timber – the right way to store, maintenance of reserves in the desired position, as well as mandatory debarking of roundwood.

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