These, as already cited, can happen of deliberate or accidental form, as well as by means of riots provoked in the environment physicist or in the proper community. In if treating to vegetal species, a cause comumente associated to the occurrence of invaders is the revolvimento or the fertilizao of the ground, microclimatic alterations and until the elimination of undesirable species, in order to create niche chances the foreign species. The similarity between the new environment and the place of origin also becomes related with the success of one given vegetal species in fixing as invading (MATOS & PIVELLO, 2009). Another factor of great impact to be taken in account amongst the causes associates to the introduction of invading vegetal species in surrounding data would biopirataria is it. It can would biopirataria be appraised it as being the act to illegally assume of some resources of a specific fauna or flora. According to Gomes (2007), it is also the exploration, manipulation, exportation of biological resources, with commercial ends, and bringing in itself the idea of specimen contraband of the flora and fauna with appropriation of its active principles and monopolizao of this knowledge by means of the system of patents. It would biopirataria to Comumente finishes for injuring it populations that throughout the centuries had made use of the appropriate resources, a time that the same ones do not participate of the resultant profits of the exploration of its fauna and flora. For definition the concept is gotten hurt then of that the information that a group of individuals collected throughout years are a collective good, not being able to be commercialized as a market object any.