Polymer Clay Products

Polymer clay – a plastic that is easily molded – as clay, but unlike clay it firmly solidifies after heat treatment. Moreover, the need for such treatment is not special high-temperature oven, conventional oven! Polymer clay is a very popular material for creative work and hobbies. Polymer clay is a variety of colors and textures. At the core of polymer clay is PVC (PVC). Also in the polymer clay comprises various pigments. With regard to safety of polymer clay, then Boston's Institute of Materials for the Arts and Crafts conducted the survey the main producers of products polymer clay and concluded that the materials conform to ASTM D-4236 for materials for arts and crafts, established by the Committee on Safety of consumer products.

Polymer clay a versatile material, from She can sculpt anything. As the small details and large sculptures. Thanks to him, you can achieve phenomenal results and very beautiful jewelry with lots of medium-sized, almost jewelry, details. This may be cakes and pastries and other goodies. It could be flowers, animals, any theme decorations. Also, polymer clay figurines and handicrafts can be souvenirs, fridge magnets, dolls. To sculpt from polymer clay use special tools: awl, Prototype knife, roller, tweezers for fine detail. Although the modeling of polymer clay you can use any means at hand, which only come into your head. Apart from the fact that the products thanks to the able hands of masters, can purchase lyuboyu form, they can add almost any part of other materials, and they, in fact, be very firm hold on! On the frozen polymer clay easily draw absolutely any pictures with acrylic paints. Finished products can be used very long time. Working with polymer clay is a great pleasure, exactly as the final result! Huge experiencing pleasure and the man who would wear such jewelry.

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