Probably everyone who first arrived in St. Petersburg and met with him as a longtime friend. For a variety of films, books, television broadcasts familiar embankments, ensemble of the Kazan Cathedral, the walls and bastions Peter and Paul Fortress, the spire of the Admiralty, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Bronze Horseman, Palace Square, Nevsky Prospect … According to the testimony of numerous guests, who saw St. Petersburg in different times and had an opportunity compare it to other cities, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And our fellow citizens, no doubt, give him the palm.

Not without reason it is called in North Palmyra, North Venice. This poetic metaphor is quite justified. Unable to find Saint Petersburg in which whatever program. St. Petersburg is very different, so in recent years increasingly popular independent tours to St. Petersburg.

When you can choose what visit, where to go in the evening in which to stay. You can not spend time visiting museums, and try to feel the very spirit of this extraordinary city just walking around the center. Or arrange a theatrical tour and visit the most prestigious stage of the Cultural Capital. The beauty of self-tour that you do not depend on the program, there is no limit on time, you are left to themselves. Go for a walk, admire, admire Hail Peter for his own pleasure, and at its discretion. If all did you have a desire to go on excursions and to listen to a guide who will tell you about the beauty of St. Petersburg from a historical point of view, you can always buy ticket to the tour directly from the bus. They are in the set are on the channel Griboyedov or at the corner of Quay. p. Fontanka River and Nevsky Prospect. The only course that when you visit St. Petersburg on their own, and not with the group you have a lot to think about and anticipate. Start, of course, you need to select hotels. After all, a lot depends on how comfortable the hotel is situated geographically. Especially if your plans include night walks in Petersburg. To make such a landmark of this city, like drawbridges not spoil your trip, leaving the night on benches in the park is better to treat the choice of gifts responsibly. The hotel in which you going to stay for your convenience should be in the center but slightly to the side and to the monuments, which is very rich in this city is within reach. But the noisy company of young people who are very fond of summer walk in the center of St. Petersburg will not bother you. It is best to book your room in advance. Now on the site of any hotel can arrange online application and book a room at your hotel vending. One of the most conveniently located hotels in the center of St. Petersburg hotel “The Brothers Karamazov.

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