Northern Lights

Mezen City, located in forty-five kilometers away from the White Sea, known as a center of folk crafts – Mezen painting on wood. Among the ornaments predominate schematic images of horses and deer, and only two colors – red and black. Sold in Arkhangelsk and product masters Kimzha village, the ancient center of art castings: copper bells, crosses, etc. Once the Soviet Union demonstrated film where the protagonist boy Sergei told his parents: "Take me to Kholmogory." It is – also in the Arkhangelsk region. Not far from the village Kholmogor Mishaninskoy born Mikhail Lomonosov and the sculptor F. Shubin.

Today Kholmogory – arts and crafts center of bone carving. In the village of Lomonosov (formerly Village Mishaninskaya) runs an art guild, there is a school that prepares master carvers, his museum and, of course, a gift shop where the abundance and beauty products from the bone dizzy. It combs, hairpins, pendants, panels, etc. Of course, there are artifacts of bone and in stores in Arkhangelsk, but better not be lazy and visit this wonderful village. Many unique crafts in the past.

Something has gone, anything left, and something being reborn again, but as a quiet, quiet. In Arkhangelsk stores you can buy the big elm Pomeranian mug. Tourists love to drink beer from them or brew. And, of course, lots of photo albums, greeting cards, mugs with a picture of the city. In short, for every taste and budget. Previously, from Archangel brought reindeer antlers, pelts of foxes, sables, and bears. The perfect gift today – it boots from the skin of a deer. You can buy a small gift, but can be real, that you will wear. Interesting northern fur toys. And if you can find embroidered, you truly become the owner of an exclusive gift. Their children's storybook Treat Stepan Pisahova. "Ice cream song", "Northern Lights", "Star rain", "Perepiliha", "month with the heavenly attic" and others – it's funny stories, written by a unique language Russian North. In short, many of which can be brought from the Arkhangelsk region in a gift to yourself and your loved ones, but for this you need to spend not only money but also time. And so the gifts were a joy, and brought the bird schepnaya happiness, we must love this unique northern edge.