In bygone times, when the messengers with news of a grand victory, or to demand the surrender raced on horseback to the present, where the street you can often see a guy or girl, dressed in a T-shirt with logo firms and the sealed envelope bearing in his hand. This – couriers, people who frequently has a great responsibility, how quickly they deliver a package depends on, for example, or whether signed an important contract with foreign partners, will receive a summary of the executive officer of a potential employee, will rejoice dear one a gift for an anniversary. Courier delivery – this is, firstly, the belief that the recipient will receive a notification letter securities or a card of congratulation that the postman does not potyaryaet their parcels in the department, and when transportation is not compromised the integrity of the package. Courier Moscow will help to avoid such troubles, as a courier – a person the company hired him, and his thoroughness, tact with respect to the customer and punctuality can increase the number of regular customers, but it is not excluded, and vice versa, to make him look for another carrier. Delivery by courier correspondence – in fact, the key role of messenger, because every day the heads of companies, firms, organizations share important documents or the recommendations and requests. Confidentiality of such securities – not uncommon here why courier services willing to pay compensation, and even pay the full price of services to clients, if the package is damaged. Refunds are guaranteed and if the parcel with the label 'Express' was not delivered on time. The vast majority of organizations, or has its own shipping department, or working on an ongoing basis with outside agencies that specialize in these services. Better the first way, so as a co-ordinated delivery of the firm, the documents you want to convey. Another option, though the company releases the superiors of the establishment of 'express courier delivery', but room for doubt competencies selected for co-express the organization.