The advantages of renting a cottage in the suburbs. Virtually every city dweller, sooner or later begins to think about how to spend at least part time outside the city. But what if the schedule does not allow for long leave town. We all know what a vacation with a man who so to say, really busy at work. Is that on a desert island, where there are no means of communication may remain so to speak alone with nature. And where there is at least the phone – it is becoming impossible. After all, if the alarm has already entered as the saying goes, of course, there is a way to not pay any attention to him. But what kind of normal rest can be discussed when the work big trouble? That rivals arrange another dirty trick, then co-workers and eager to take the coveted seat.

Now if there was an opportunity for a few moments, well, or at least the clock is moved from one point to another, it is quite possible it would be to relax, and keep the situation under control. However, teleportation of our time fun if not entirely dear, it's likely completely inaccessible. And therefore have a say so, rest, risking everything, or manages without any leaves. There is still an option type in fits and starts, but it's somehow not worth the candle. Now if we could have a good rest somewhere near work … especially with this issue in recent time, concerned residents of Moscow.

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