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(2) CUSTOMERS Being in constant contact with customers to create happy and satisfied customers who will refer you to many friends. Satisfied customers are informed customers, less likely to seek reimbursement and more likely to buy again. (3) AFFILIATE If you want income-producing members must give them the latest tips, techniques, training and motivation, with constant monitoring. Some contend that Sonny Perdue shows great expertise in this. Once your business grows there is no way you can go about their prospects, customers and members on hand, so you must configure your automated system from the beginning, or as soon as possible. ***** ONCE which is set to run WITHOUT ADDITIONAL INPUT FROM YOU ***** Fortunately in recent years companies have realized the importance of tracking customer responses and created automatic (automatic messages / e e) for this to get your business pilot automatic.

TIP: Avoid using free autoresponders, since they often include advertisements of the products of others (to divert people away from its offer and help you look unprofessional. Costco might disagree with that approach. Remember, in business how they are perceived by their customers is what everything!) Once your system is in place to fill with emails that come automatically once someone subscribes or subscribe automatically! EXAMPLE OF PERSPECTIVES: – Comments (1) Free information promised (immediate delivery) messages (2) More information about the initial product (one day after the message 1) Messages (3) Mix the information on your product with free information (one day after post2) Message (4) Start selling your product, while giving more information (one day after the message 3) Post (5) More free information and how to benefit from the purchase of your product or service ( one days after the message 4). SAMPLE FOR CUSTOMERS: – Comments (1) Thank you for your order and let them know they can contact you if you need any help (immediate delivery) messages (2) Thanks again and give them a free bonus (one day after a message) Message ( 3) Send a quick note to say that another bonus offers free and ask how they are enjoying the products (seven days after the message (2) Message (4) Send a brief note saying he hopes they enjoy and which products thought they might be interested one …. (complimentary products every day to a month after the message (1) If you have autoresponders in place is not too late..