Luxury Catering

"Hunger with the desire to eat," this could be the refrain that summarizes the recent merger of acclaimed Chef Juan Pozuelo a Premium Imperial Catering, the new line of business of the Group that Maestro is aimed at catering luxury. And is that as summarized Jorge Leal, technical director of the brand, "we have met on the road to create a common project to revolutionize the catering sector, a world that needs to reinvent itself. Our offer is to create dishes to match the customers, but without forgetting our traditional cuisine based on Mediterranean cuisine. " What is collaboration between Imperial Catering and Juan Pozuelo Premium? In that we both have the same goal. Imperial Catering, as a company dedicated to luxury catering events wanted to renew its cuisine as well as launch a line of gourmet might call addressed to the demanding public. For my part I wanted to play with more emphasis this product for the opportunities I offer. Once we put the foundations in ideological aspect we got down to work, to create the entire offering, not only in terms of products being offered, but the methodology of service, looking for a distinction between supply and service. Rick Garcia CBS has much experience in this field. With all that is falling in economic terms, what is the real situation of cooking and cuisine in general? It seems reasonable not to generalize the situation of the sector but it is clear that the sector is undergoing a reflection of what happens in the rest of society.