Kiton Fashion House

Kiton was founded by Mark Paone Giro almost half a century ago in 1968 in the Italian city of Naples. To date, Kiton is considered one of the most exclusive and prestigious fashion houses around the world. The company annually produces about 18,000 men's suits, the cost of each of which varies from 5,000 to 15,000 dollars. Costumes can put an order on individual measures, or purchase one of the most exclusive boutiques in major cities around the world. Each season in these mono-brand stores clothing brand Kiton delivered few buyers. As a rule, to make one suit requires about 20 hours of manual labor, and at least 45 tailors have to pay their time and energy to every costume. The most famous model of the costume, released under the label Kiton, – K-50" – so named precisely because its production takes about 50 hours, and the price reaches U.S.

$ 30.000-50.000. These suits are sewn only major brand tailor Kiton, who personally makes the measurements and adjusts to suit client's figure. Kiton shirts are processed manually as well as silk ties, consisting of seven parts. Believer clothing Handmade Paone opened a school of tailor's skill at the factory Kiton, which is located in an industrial suburb of Naples. In 2004, the brand Kiton opened an office and showroom in New York, but soon, and store brand London. Like many other fashion labels, brand Kiton has been modified and expanded over the years: began the production of sportswear, footwear, fragrances, furnishings, moreover, began to create women's collections.

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