Keep Your Car In Perfect Condition

Keep your car in perfect condition we know that your car is one of the most precious values within your heritage, this is why we offer the following tips to keep it in perfect condition. Remember that your care depends on your well-being and that of your family. Whether you’re a rental car or own you should care, since to be income if something happens you will have to pay an extra at the rate that they charge you monthly. In the second situation, you will have to find someone that you can fix the malfunction and make calculations of money. ONE.

Make regular visits to the gas station or to your trusted shop so that you must check the engine oil. Change every 5,000 miles or every three months. You must also change the filter. TWO. Check shock absorbers every three months.

3. It examines the level of antifreeze frequently. If you’re in a place with low temperatures do it every week. FOUR. If you have a car with transparent fuel tank, fill it up to the mark with half water and half antifreeze. FIVE. It monitors the battery levels every time that you change your oil. If the cells levels are low, a quick solution is filled with purified water, but the best thing is to use liquid to battery. 6. Check the filter of air every two months, as well as the windshield wipers before the rains begin. Change them if they are broken or brittle, but put a few new each year. SEVEN. Check the power steering fluid. You have to fill out when you are low level and check the pump as well as the hoses for leaks. 8. It examines once per month brake fluid, windshield wipers and transmission. Take care that the engine is warm, with the hand brake. NINE. It monitors the tire pressure is in good condition. This can be done at any gas station. Tires should be inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, and be without cracks, bumps, or wear. Change them every 15,000 miles.