Kamenetz-Podolsk Old Castle

In Western Ukraine (Khmelnitsky region) is one of the most beautiful castles of Eastern Europe – Kamenetz-Podolsk old castle. Architectural studies and Anatol Tyupicha Eugene Plamenitskoy, and archaeological research Vinokur Jonah spent in the 60s of the XIX century, suggest that the construction of the castle can be attributed to the XI-XII centuries. Time when this land was inhabited and Ulichi Tivertsy – Old Slavic tribes. However, the first significant mention of him found in the charter of Prince George Koriatovicha, dated 1374 year. Then the city of Kamenetz-Podolsk, Prince has given the Magdeburg Right. Summary of Your Castle proshol 14 construction periods, and modern appearance in XVI century. The first major reconstruction of the castle Kamenetz occurred at the end of XV century. Began her martial Krakow Spitko Melshtinsky governor, who spoke on the Rights of the Kamenetz share with Duke in 1395 to 1399 years.

In the middle of the XV century castle again underwent restructuring, the old tower upgraded incorporated ten new towers. In the XVI century, under the direction of military engineer Job Pretfesa, built two new towers – New West and New East. Also were built new gate to the bridge. At the beginning of the XVII century military architect Theophil Schomberg built in front of the western part of the castle-rock bastion zemlyanyeukrepleniya type, called the New Fortress. New building was erected in order to counteract the long-range artillery, which appeared at that time.

In XVII-XIX century in the north and south were built two new bastion, and in the courtyard of the castle were built barracks. After that, construction is almost no occurred, sometimes only strengthen repaired. After the war, in 1812 the castle finally lost its military significance and was used for various purposes. However, due to inaccessibility of its walls is the castle gained fame in sredenevekovom world, where he was known as the Border krepost.Seychas in Kamenetz-Podolsk (about the city itself), the castle is the main attraction and it is a museum that is very popular among tourists. Of course the main attraction of the town castle. But not the only one. All the Kamenetz-Podolsk, a single array of fortified – a city fortress on an island in the river loop. On the other fortifications Kamenetz (in particular unique hydro-fortified complexes of Russian and Polish goal) I'll discuss in future articles.

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