And now, when we have economic collapse in the same way all over the world, continue to remain perplexed as to why this happened. Few realize that the so-called financial crisis, which everyone says conceals a fallacy once adopted the concept of management. Our needs are basic, necessary for existence. We can not stop plowing or planting, to produce iron, coal and oil. But there are other – those who are not meeting the needs and whims. And many types of production have arisen in this sphere, otyazheliv entire structure of the economy towards irrelevance and shifting view of value.

For example, a banker, traded securities in the form of bank notes, was in our minds more meaningful, successful and necessary, than a farmer. Divorced many so-called business activity is confined mainly to speculation – ‘Tear from his mouth chuzhego benefit’. And farmers, seeing a positive attitude towards them in society, want to be like them and threw their arable land. Not knowing the law of right conduct in business relations, we are not so less feel that it exists – this iron law, natural law, which gives an effect crises at all levels. We feel it even on the threshold of crisis, experiencing fatigue and depression. We see that this iron the law works as a kind of regulator, an exhaust valve of accumulated surplus. And gradually we begin to understand that we can not revive the economy on the principle of ‘private vices – public benefit’, as it was during the previous economic crises. Time besssrochnyh leave if given to us in order to understand what is happening – why do we ‘cut off’ all too much. And when we understand this, we see that the work brings benefits for everyone, not just for profit units, a job that will not harm nature – is the work of the future, and the next.

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