Japanese Needles

Ancient Japanese therapy, enzyme bath produces heat through the fermentation of cedar, Bran rice, FIR and metabolic enzymes in hot water distilled. Unfortunately, as weight loss occurs only due to the loss of fluids (you sweat a lot), in how much is drunk something becomes to gain weight. If you’re obese and do not fear needles, try acupuncture, this oriental technique consists of stick needles into special pressure points on the body (many of them in the ear). If you follow a balanced diet and refer you to therapy, it should work. Apparently, the needles stuck on the lobes control the serotonin, a hormone that regulates appetite and makes them disappear the desire to eat. But if this method does not work there is another which is actually my favorite for the reason that is very simple to follow steps, in fact is a balanced but dehydrated food, you can consume it in the form of shake or smoothie, you can add a small piece of fruit and ice giving it a special flavor. Why this method works? It is actually easy to understand it, we suppose that a person per day consumes 100% of calories, if we replace your normal breakfast (300 to 600 calories) by a Smoothie, we would be lowering your calorie consumption but if instead of dinner we add another milkshake (other 300 to 600 calories) we would be eliminating 60% of excess calories, making a loss of body fat in the person. The supplement should be rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Another tip is to take enough water two to three liters per day. With this type of program is not needed to do exercise as it has been proven that is easier to lower body fat levels correcting eating habits that have fun it hours in a gym. But if you decide to exercise is a good decision. Do you want to lose depeso eating?