Implement Tracking Systems

New zakn requires equip satellite navigation systems of vehicles of categories M2 and M3 for the transport of passengers and vehicles in categories of EX / II, EX / III, FL, OX, AT, MEMU, designed to carry dangerous goods. What is the use of satellite monitoring? Satellite monitoring of transport were used in the last century. Since then they have improved significantly. Experts identify five stages of development of tracking systems. Their evolution is mainly reduced to a gradual improvement and centralization of data transfer process. If at the initial stage of the system was offline, that is did not allow a centralized monitoring of multiple moving objects in real time, today, the satellite monitoring system is a logical one, a distributed center, which provides continuous monitoring of transport. This enables the managers of transport companies and transport of the various organizations to save time, resources, and optimally plan routes.

The use of software and hardware systems, such as "1C satellite monitoring center GLONASS / GPS, helps protect from unauthorized downtime, prevent deviation from the planned route speed control (which reduces the risk of accidents), keep track of all refueling and fuel drains. The economic effect of the use of satellite monitoring systems and is expressed in concrete figures. After successful implementation of a transport company or transport company can save on fuel every month up to 25% on phone calls and 50%, reduce the travel time of vehicles up to 25%, reduce downtime fleet by 10%, etc …

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