Hotelaria Tourism

The courses of tourism and of would hotelaria must give to the students an ample vision to multidiscipline with interfaces that allow the interdisciplinaridade. Of this form, the pupil, when locking up the studies, would be prepared to face the professional activities that require dynamism and multiples knowledge (Ansarah, 2002, p 25). One notices that the necessity of modification of the curricular gratings will be able to form hand of workmanship capable to pass the diverse knowledge acquired during the academic life in any area offered for the tourism, in which the requirements asked for in the market could be supplied, but that, however, they must also prioritize the humanistic formation and critical capacity of this professional. The president of National Frum of the Courses of Turismo and Hotelaria, teacher Tnia Omena, affirmed that the development of the tourist sector led to an evolution of the related institutions of education to the area. Tnia still detached that it had increase of the publication production on tourism, also with the search biggest for research and statisticians, and that the professors have looked a bigger preparation for the classroom.

The teacher evaluated, however, that many of the 600 courses of tourism in the Country do not fulfill the requirements curricular and qualified professors do not have libraries nor. Of this form, the challenge of the educational institutions is to create a epistemolgica conception, that is, to take off the market character purely where this to know if transformed and to make with what the professor also directs the content for theoretical and scientific context of the tourism. The tourism professors must search constant specialization and construction of solid academic career, being that practical pedagogical basic they must be inserted in the such, classrooms as, quarrel of studies of cases, elaboration of integrated projects of research with others you discipline, epistemolgica conception of the tourism and related sciences, appropriation of the scientific methodology in its works, marketing vision by means of contact with tourism companies (BRUSADIN, 2007).