Hair Dyes

Hair dyes and helps in the first place is, of course, change their color. Secondly, after the hair dye colors, for some time, hair looks much better, about one week. After that, dyed hair paint gradually lose color, or rather the paint washed off and lost shine. Hair coloring, chemical dyes, there was a long time. In the beginning, chemical hair dyes contained in its structure, rather aggressive coloring matter, this leads to a deterioration in hair growth and worsening the appearance of hair. Gradually, manufacturers of hair dyes, used for its products, forgiving more chemical components. In Currently, Hair dyes, can not be called a kind of novelty, hair color almost every second woman. This is understandable, because thanks to hair dye colors can look a lot younger, and besides You can easily paint over the gray hairs appeared.

Do hair dyes, quite a lot of pluses, but it also has its disadvantages. During the application of paint, the structure of the hair is exposed to damage, paint a word "kills", the natural hair color, after which there is hair coloring. Restore damaged hair, you can, if kept under effective care for them. Using the high-quality tools for hair restoration, after staining. Completely abandon the paint, then we should not, if there is an opportunity to look younger and prettier, why should it not take advantage. Dye your hair gray hair and paint can and natural colors, which we refer – Natural Henna, and, of course, Basma, but, unfortunately, the same effect as from hair dyes, natural dyes can not be achieved. It is already proven, and everyone can confirm this.

Hair in Currently, you can spend more quality and light colors that will not greatly damage the hair. Damage will be so not great that I can even say that they are not. To the great joy for all lovers of hair dye, paint manufacturers are constantly pleasing us with new innovations in the world of colors. The composition of hair dyes, added a variety of useful oils and natural extracts of herbs and plants. Using this dye their hair, they will be beautiful, well-groomed and, of course, healthy.