Good Customer Service

After years of reading about Customer Service, observe, study and spend time with great people and companies with the sole purpose of purpose to know why they are successful, I have some simple truths. a hese common bind that binds each of the companies mentioned, and seems to exist in every organization that values client and is committed to serving the best of its possibilities: 1) Great Service is communicated from the top of the organization on an ongoing basis. 2) Great service is rewarded and discussed through stories that become legend internally. 3) Good Customer Service shows that it is ultimately the responsibility of everyone. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jill Schlesinger. 4) Great Service means Extra-Mile attitudes and behavior. 5) Great service means listening actively to the customer on a regular basis.

Focus groups, surveys and reviews proactive. 6) Great service means becoming a leader of selfless service. For example, power, leaders show the behavior they want in others, often without saying a word. When the coach goes, so goes the team. 7) Great service, high levels of empathy. Great service is to ask the big questions in a moment of truth, such as: a) "What is needed for sefeliz? B)" What would you do? "C)" You have the right to feel the same as you . How we do well? "9) Great service, personal interests and subjugate the way forget commissions or wages per hour and is focused on being" other centered ". (What does this person need most right now?) 10 ) Great Service means being flexible and willing to change to leave the customer smiling and happy.