Giving Your Back a Workout

So try to grip was so broad as possible and convenient. At the top of the chin should be level or slightly above the crossbar. The main thing – do not come near the elbows to the body! Otherwise If you significantly reduce the amplitude of the reduction / extension of the broadest. Do not pull to the crossbar with the back of the neck, bending with the chin to the chest. This technique reduces the range of motion, reduces effectiveness of exercise and can lead to injury.

If you have a poorly developed back muscles, then you will be extremely difficult to catch up on the full amplitude. Therefore recommend that novices have recourse to a partner who, keeping you the legs, will help pull the body upward until your chin will not appear at the bar. Alternatively, you can build up strength of the broad, regularly performing vertical thrust block simulator. Application To: Everyone, from novice to master as a basic training exercise back. When: The first training exercise in the back. After you do a vertical pull-ups and other cravings. How much: 2-3 sets of 05/12 reps.

Sports Width backs visually determined development of the upper portion of the broadest. The broader the scope of your "wings", the wider look back, if you look at it from behind. In bodybuilding, the width of the back is perhaps the most decisive factor in assessing the development of back muscles in general. The most effective exercise, allowing to focus the maximum stress on the upper portion of the broadest, are tightening.