General Circulation

Deciding to undergo a round of the tarot is an important step for anyone, especially if we have confidence in the place where the tarotista made and we will make the circulation of the tarot. It involves a battery of questions about the future and realize that there are many aspects of our lives that we can not control, things just happen, no matter what we want or feel. Therefore, a shot of tarot can lead us to have to face realities or events that do not want to see. And we all know this. When there is something written in the destination for us, we know that leads to an inexorable fate. But we can not choose which aunquea can happen to us, we can choose what to do with this happening to us. We can, in some way, trying to accommodate our emotions and our actions to suffer as little as possible to the vicissitudes of fate as much as possible and enjoy the successes and happy moments that come after us. Therefore, it is necessary to control the emotions we experience before tarot roll.

The experience should not create fear or anxiety, because what has to be will be. In fact, you should feel fortunate to be able to be able to anticipate what is coming, though not entirely auspicious. This time you earned before the unfortunate event happens, serves to prepare the best way, and do some damage control a before it happens. Fear is the worst of emotions, is what really paralyzes us. Precisely, the pulling of tarot should serve to dispel any remaining fears you might feel, because there is always darkness, until there is light. And the pulling of tarot is that light.

Nor will face Chuck tarot thinking that all the things you do not like or will appeal can be changed. We know, to think for the fact that this is not true. Nothing is completely under our control, and not everything that we do not like can be changed. That is not what it's for circulation of the tarot. In contrast, consider the circulation of tarot as a tool, like a car GPS. It tells you what the path to reach their destination. Until the state can tell if the dirt road, or motorway, but can not tell if you have good driving conditions, or otherwise, will be a trip without traffic and quiet. Jesus Puentes