Future Of The Nation

Dearreader, I am scared with what it will be able to happen with the future of our nation. I do not know, or better, us he does not know what he is transferred with the head of that he is responsible for our education. To facilitate to the communication they want to assassinate rules and norms that are primordial so that if it has a country alfabetizado with merit. Expensive reader, our interaction goes to always continue existing, but we go of the one good bye it agreement and to write better of the skill that they want teaching in them, saying, in them to push one cartilha that he goes to perpetuate the functional illiteracy. That if it injures the grammatical rules, what they want are that we are always this people without discernment and clarification. cts. Readers friend, seem that those that can change the route of history want that let us continue writing wrong in the ballot boxes, pra that they make right the number of its banking accounts. Expensive reader, our children will be educated to only communicate themselves, thus perpetuating one corja that to each year he goes disapproving the education in order to remain itself in the power. Of the skill that the thing walks, the day in our country will arrive here that who will be catches reading a book, will be imprisoned for trying to evolve its intellect. ‘ ‘ Books, books the mancheia and orders the people pensar’ ‘ , the problem is this! In the day where the people to start to think, certainly will fall the republic and he will have a revolution in this country for the first time. Expensive reader, we go to fight against whom want that let us continue maneuver mass, let us catch our vote and we erase all these that rasuram ours futuro’ ‘. ‘ ‘ Book falling n’ soul Is embryo? what makes the palm, Is rain? that it makes mar’ ‘.