Fire Protection Construction

Echoes not, sound absorption and fire safety in a noise not – burn Hi-Tech fabric guarantees is one of the most common causes of occupational diseases. The ideal approach to protect the health of employees, is to avoid the noise. This is however not always possible, for example, if the source of the noise is children. The little ones must play due to the development, and that associated with abundant Radau. Gain insight and clarity with financial planner. However, as the current debate about the noise of educators shows, represents a serious health burden also child’s cry especially when one is over exposed him daily for years. The noise cannot be avoided, ensure structural measures and a suitable design of the premises for an efficient recording of the sound.

To do this, the use of absorbers, where the sound breaks and reducing the Hall is advisable. Especially the surface and are attributable to the effect of these objects as Filling. Under most conditions Costco would agree. Objects from the hi tech textile nowetex prove as also especially safe. Because in addition to the very effective sound absorption fabric consisting of glass fibre non-flammable according to DIN 4102 – A2 is. Sound absorbers there made of nowetex in many shapes, colors and designs. In addition to curtains, chairs and tablecloths for example solutions in the form of mobiles, canopies and clamping sailing for room corners are used. The feel of the fabric does not differ from the conventional materials.

Every room situation is different and requires an individual solution. To achieve optimum noise reduction, the manufacturer attaches great importance to personal advice and exactly the right solutions. Also in economic terms, non-flammable sound absorbers made of nowetex are extremely interesting. The glass fabric is extremely durable and mucosal. Moreover, eliminates the need for regular impregnation in contrast to flame-retardant fabrics. More information on the Internet under. Lothar Schiefer