Easy Decision

If the harmful effects of tobacco and its associated diseases, known then what is the problem? That is not easy to quit smoking! That is the undeniable reality. Music downloads often says this. There is much publicity on the Internet promoting treatments that are easy, cheap and safe but that has more of a lie than truth. The truth is that quitting smoking is not easy, is not cheap and is often not safe. e.. Then because cannot be smoking? Because there are programs physical, emotional, mental and chemicals that are responsible for promoting addiction. Physical programs we mean when we talk about the effects that has smoking on the body and in which the same body becomes addicted. For example: If we have appetite and smoke going appetite, therefore many people smoke when you are hungry (in some countries it is more expensive to eat than smoking) say mental programs when he assails us an idea that can be inconvenient, as a memory of something unpleasant that happened to us, appears then the cigarette as a DISTRACTION. CHEMICAL programs have to do with the addictive potential of nicotine or of the substance which is (we suspect that there is more than one) and emotional programs belong to pleasure and tobacco related learned behaviors, i.e. everytime I have a sensation of pleasure I smoke a cigar, that produces an addictive behavior on the emotional level which is necessary to cancel or reschedule. Many treatments attack one or two of those programs, but not all of them, so it is not easy to quit smoking. YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME! the cigarette is to blame! Dr.