Dont Pass the Impass

the perception was made through the tateamento for the body and of the verbal stimulatons. Each meeting was constructed around the impasses that the citizens tried in in agreement construction the advance of awareness of the rhythms of each one. A strategy to each impasse was proposal told for the citizens. Some times such strategies were redimensionadas by the pupils. Results and Quarrel the results had been argued in partnership with the citizens. In the analysis of the results some axles are considered pertinent: the transformations of the body for advent of the corporal expression, the limitations proceeding from the visual deficiency According to Tavares (2003): ' ' The recognition and acceptance of our corporal limitations gain here the meaning of differentiation and matureness. Case 1: The subject to one it had notion of the physical space, where it carried through its corporal activities. I did not need to tell the perception of the space, for if dealing with familiar place for the young woman.

Case 2: The subject B. did not have notion of the physical space which was offered for the accomplishment of its corporal activities. In this in case that, I needed to tell the physical space all so that it could be situated and perceive the space best. The corporal notion by means of the tateamento of the body and the stimulatons verbal, they had contributed for the perception of the movement of the dance, of the corporal expression and memorization of the steps. With these elements of the movement, the group acquired domain, balance, force and general coordination, through appropriate techniques to its physical condition on the movements. Consideraes final These results indicate the necessity to retake the subject of the body as support. The dance is divided in dancers who already know and live the dance in its lives, and those that had not yet found chance to disclose the dance in its lives, what it inside exists of itself the desire of if expressing corporally.