Designing System

Note that mechanical ventilation, which can ensure not only minimum health, but good comfort, providing a flow of fresh air, removing contaminated and removing excess heat is also not to be redundant. And its the right design will simplify the task of the overall system. Heating houses dealt with the cooling and ventilation air should be given to the function of heating. Make air conditioning work on the heat can be two different ways. In most cases this is done through so-called heat pump.

In this mode the air conditioner begins to work like the opposite – freezes out and warms the room. For outdoor temperatures down to -5, -10 C heating is very effective, but for total comfort in the winter cold is better to buy a model with an electric heated. It is worth noting that we consider the heating system with ventilation at all stages of development. So, you have an alternative – the choice of equipment for separate heating and ventilation. Installation, plan will still take place in the complex, but you get the equipment more resistant to low temperatures, and in case of failure of one function, all the rest will remain intact. Also, different areas may be functionally divided without any problems, lower storeroom cooled, the upper rooms otopleny and pool is equipped with ventilation. The principle of layouts such as a split-systems, and take away your only few inches above the ceiling or floor, depending on the designing. How and who to choose? Now that you've taken care of the functionality of the system most suitable for your home, make sure that she will serve you as long as possible – choose a proven brand, most well-known company with good references.

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