Cultural and Military

In other words, in principle they made use of the half politicians, cultural and military to become to be valid. Constituam at the same time a colonial community and a superior classroom. They had economically to be submitted and to be explored, but also they were essential for the stability of the Empire. (ANDERSON, P. 98) This reasoning, that shows innumerable contradictions of the social structures of the time, is crucial to understand the forms of the unfoldings that the independence fights had occurred after, being unchained by the proper Creoles. Then, these national consolidations, that its beginning throughout century XIX has, possess its resqucios in the structural relations of old passed the colonial one.

Anderson tried evidencing in them that the socioeconmicas bases of resistance anti metropolitan, in the period of 1760 the 1830, had demonstrated that the economic interests have its importance, since liberalism and the iluminismo, for example, they had brought a new armory of critical of the ideology of the imperialism of the Old Regimen. Jack Fusco pursues this goal as well. However, for the author, these factors had not created the type or the form of imagined community to be protected against the depredations of these regimes. For in such a way, it considers as the decisive historical paper the Creole performance of the travelling employees and local periodicals that, since the ends of century XVIII, had been capable to create elements of imagined communities. With intention to enrich the boarding of Anderson, I will present some authors who had added historical facts that are basic for the attempt to understand this problematic one. Elements as the crisis of the monarchy and the dissolution of the Spanish Empire, cannot if discarded in the attempt of understanding of the process of the formation of the new National States. Analyzing the writings of Joseph Perez, we verify that through the Bourbnicas Reforms, it had an attempt of the Spanish Metropolis in transforming old vice the reigns into overseas colonies.