Country-winners In The Struggle For Foreign Tourists (data Skyscanner )

The global recession has forced many travelers to abandon their original plans and stay home for the sake of saving money. In these circumstances, countries are forced to literally fight for every tourist, offering if not a substantial discount, then a unique experience. The search engine Skyscanner (, which helps its customers to buy cheaper tickets, announces a list of the winners, who were able to lure tourists. Analysis searches almost 10 million users a month lets say that the most popular among travelers country is Spain. The increased interest in her show users from all countries, which represents Skyscanner. Further, in ranking followed by the UK, USA, Italy, Germany and France. Commented Dmitry Konovalov, Manager for Russia and the CIS, “World Tourism Organization records are post-crisis recovery demand for travel to other countries. However, this dynamic is not the same everywhere.

Skyscanner – one of the dominant travel search engines in the UK and European markets, where Spain is traditionally popular. However, this victory countries in the fight for the tourist is also confirmed by the analysis of search queries in all 233 countries / regions. ” Most popular countries among users Skyscanner in the world: 1. Spain 2. UK 3. USA 4.

Italy 5. Germany 6. France 7. Turkey 8. Greece 9. Portugal 10. Who Poland to visit us? Regarding the development of tourism in Russia, the data indicate Skyscanner its two main sources – Germany and the UK, the largest European economies with large populations and traditionally strong business and cultural ties with our country. In fifth place in rating of Ukraine. Here, too, play a role family and social ties that bind its people to Russia. It is not excluded that a specific value for the Ukrainians is the development of the market of transit air traffic, and flights to St Petersburg and Moscow booked them to arrange a cheap and convenient travel third country. 2010 declared the Year of France in Russia and Russia in France, and it definitely stirs up interest in our country

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