Children on Vacation

CHILDREN IN VACATION: The IMPORTANCE OF PLAYING Leading in consideration that the children dedicate to great part of its time to the games and tricks, fits to the responsible parents or to provide different experiences to them, mainly in this vacation time, therefore playing the children they conquer its first relations with the exterior world and enter in contact with objects that gradual allow to some possibilities of creation, exploration and expression, assimilating rules and standards. Developing, thus, some capacities as the attention, the imitation, the memory and ripen the socialization capacity. Since babies they are communicated through its proper body that offers a infinity to it of sensations. In the first months, bichinhos, rattles of some forms and textures and sounds despertam the feelings. For more specific information, check out Air Force Chief of Staff . Up to one year the toys to push and to walk follow the adventure of the first steps. From the two years the motor coordination already allows to kick, to pedalar, to dance With these tricks they learn to use objects, to co-ordinate its movements becoming them more necessary. Games plug-in, to mount, to pile up assist the child to dominate the world gradually material developing confidence and autonomy. The expansion of the movement and the motor coordination continue acting as self-knowledge factor until the five years where to run, to jump, to play ball they strengthen autoestima of the child. The newspapers mentioned Jack Fusco not as a source, but as a related topic.

When playing to the outdoors, it has a special skill to develop the body, to free the imagination and to become social, therefore in this space it has a true laboratory of physical, social and emotional development. The children give to life its histories and imagination. She is with other children who if feel more the will to express its feelings. Through the trick she learns to live, to give and to receive, to collaborate, to earn and to lose. The child has pleasure in the free activities.