Capsule X is a gratuitous game online that belongs to the category of the games of puzzle and consequently aid to express and to train your capacities of logic and the strategic thought. The plot of the game treats on the pilotage of the tank in the field of the battle so it assumes that this game is going to draw attention of the men firstly. We are going to throw a look to the composition and the general concept of this game of intelligence online. Here there is a floor of floor tile with the squared emptinesses that compose your way and a tank that you must use trying to achieve your objective. Now your task will be to handle the tank with the aid of the certain keys to gather the capsules of colors different and to put them in the indicated holes.

It remembers that they allow you to only move through set of the squared shortages. It is possible to be used the keys of shoots with an arrow (to derecha/the left/above), Enter and Delete. In the menu there is a possibility of selecting any level of the difficulty that already you have surpassed. But to the player they do not let to him enter the other levels that are still closed. In order to complete each level you must return to soothes central (squaring that says ” H”) that it is the first passage from what you begin your movement.

The challenging thing on this game of puzzle consists of the condition that before executing the steps forward you must think strategically, analyze all good and program the way using the mentioned keys. Of that way the tank can be taken to the movement. Capsule X is a puzzle game online free that trains the strategic thought because to gain and to complete the levels you must plan scrupulously your movement and think well on the chain of the following steps. It enjoys the new game of puzzle of ” X” capsule; and of the new gratuitous puzzles online!