As we all know, plastic bags, beverage containers, diapers, cutlery and plastic disposable plates, in the end, almost everything we use produces garbage and pollutes the environment in which we develop, avoiding that the lands remain fertile waters drinkable and on many occasions, that some animal species to survive.This is why it is important to think of some way to help the environment through small or large actions that we can carry out daily, one of them is to use biodegradable bags. But how are biodegradable bags? We can simply identify them because the vast majority of biodegradable bags are also printed bags with 100% biodegradable legend.The important question in this case is how is it that despite being plastic, biodegradable bags help the environment? 100% Biodegradable bags allow a complete degradation of their materials in the Earth, with the promise not to leave in the same materials that cause pollution, from 18 months, these bags begin to biodegrade. These printed bags have on them the lot that indicates the date of manufacture, can be stored in normal conditions for 18 months without altering the structure or material of the bags, on the contrary, biodegradable bags guarantee the quality, resistance to traction and drilling making them as tough as normal polyethylene bags, with the benefit that will biodegrade completely. These printed and biodegradable bags tend to have a reliable seal, this is to ensure the safe transport of almost any type of material without the risk of tears or breaks.Clear that not only is it’s functionality with biodegradable bags, but that they also have different colors, sizes and prints, usually printed bags have on them any brand or message that is used either for shopping or for offerings.Today bags biodegradable and if printed bags begin to win popularity by being the option more friendly environment, they cost the same, they are equally resistant and do not contain these chemicals of dubious origin that in the case of some non-biodegradable plastic bags, has come even to be dangerous for the human.So we already know that, biodegradable bags are the best way to help the environment and printed bags are the best way to communicate a message..

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