Balloon Wedding

Making your festive event – the question is always difficult and requires much attention. And if this solemn event is your wedding, or wedding of your children, then the question becomes doubly heavier. So how do you make that would make all first-class and not get nervous breakdown? The answer is simple: you have to trust the design of wedding professionals. Professional designers to quickly evaluate the situation (Hall, where it will take action, the amount of jewelry and their materials and colors) and offer you several design options. A design options wedding balloons – set: the balls at the ceiling, garlands, balloons, helium chains and flowers, all kinds of flowers, the ball in a ball, a panel with the names of young or any other images, figures from the spheres (the bride and groom mannequins, the dual hearts, swans, etc.) If you have a place of celebration is not high ceilings, then you can use the ornaments – balls to the ceiling.

Inflated with helium colored balls, color appropriate to the overall design of the room, they tied ribbons and ribbons are very nice twist. Then these balls are released and they fly you to the ceiling, but so that they can always get it. A garland of balloons you can decorate the entrance to the hall, or you arrange the scene. Garland itself is obtained the bulk and using it can give volume and lightness of each element of the structure. Helium chain – is strung on ribbons helium balloons, which are mounted so that the entire chain is obtained by a semi-circle. Such a chain can be decorated like a corridor, or a backdrop for the young.

And if you have an exit register, you can, for example, several chains draw a path to the arch. Helium bouquet – one of the most beautiful elements. Of conventional balls is going to like vases, which is placed on the floor. And then to her mounted on a variety of different length of helium balloons, the amount that you choose yourself. It turns out this kind of bouquet, which can be placed in corners or on both sides near the entrance, or put on the stage, etc. Flowers of balloons can be of various sizes and configurations. A place they can go anywhere. As the saying goes: "Where only the heart desires." Ball in the ball – a very interesting element Jewelry. Take the transparent sphere, and inside it is inflated one or more other balls, and then himself transparent inflated balloon. The result is a very interesting and lovely composition consisting of one ball. Panels made of balloons, create a separate design, developed especially for you. So you can be sure that the two identical pictures, you will never see. Panel itself may be of any size. Figures from the balls – the most impressive element of the air clearance. Creating shapes rather laborious process, and quite expensive. But the result does not leave anyone indifferent (except such as the pros on balls) from your guests. As You see, the design of balloons wedding can be very diverse and multifaceted. But invariably such registration will bring you and your guests' mood of celebration and fun.