Amount Pump

However, without specialist advice is necessary. In a specialty store or company can help you calculate the amount of film other building materials. And, last but not least, will help determine exactly what technical devices and accessories needed for normal functioning of the pond or other water facilities in a private garden. You need to pump – at least to be able to pump out water (for cleaning the pond or in the winter), and also recommended for periodic partial renewal of water. Choosing a pump for the pond, it is better to buy more powerful. Alas, buying low-power pump today, you'll have to buy new, when you think to buy water purification system.

Pay special attention to sealing all electrical connections. For reliability used in the garden a special outlet, ideally – radiorozetku to control both the pump and fountains, artificial lighting. This is a very handy thing, it can be connected and all garden lighting to could control the light and water, without leaving home. For immersion pump is desirable to acquire and mounting plate. It is important to buy quality hose designed specifically for the device structure of water, as ponds, and streams. If you intend to breed in ornamental fish pond, you'll need to get serious about water purification. There are ultraviolet lamps, filters, and complex systems of biofiltration. However, apart from biological treatment of water needed and accessories for cleaning the surface of the pond, where accumulated dead plant parts flown litter and leaves, fish wastes and other fauna, liking your pond.

This simple nets, and special scissors, forceps and pond, and very effective skimmers. And then there are vacuum cleaners and purifiers for water bodies bottom. Attention! When operating electrical devices, take care precautions. To equip the pond, use only equipment specially designed for such purposes and has safety certificates. Be sure to follow the operating instructions.

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