Air Fountains

Besides the decorative sense of home or home waterfall fountain helps moisturize the air, which is extremely beneficial to the well-being during the heating season. Relaxing the meaning of falling water affects the mental stress. Device decorative waterfalls and home falls from a technical point of view is not very complicated. The composition of design elements include cumulative tanks, pumps, pipes for transporting water, nozzles for waterfalls and an obstacle to the waterfalls. Dimension desktop waterfalls and fountains desktop, usually no more than 40 cm in height and diameter 30 cm water decorative waterfalls sometimes add aromatic oils to flavor the air around a waterfall. To improve the entertainment waterfall and enter into the composition of light elements. In the process of waterfalls and fountains, it is necessary to monitor the water level in the tank, because in the process of the devices with an area of water surface 1-1,5 m2 evaporated to 3-4 liters of water per day. Particularly useful feature of this desktop waterfalls and fountains for indoor plants.

If the waterfall is among the house plants, it looks even more spectacular. For normal operation, the waterfalls and fountains require quality water. Better use of distilled water, it leaves the evaporation of dissolved salts, which eventually concentrate in the tank falls and can damage the heart – the pump. If the loss of salts has occurred then the whole fixable, we can clean surface of the pump with the help of detergents. To exclude the flowering of the water, it is necessary to change the water completely at least once every three months to complete cleaning the device.

Integer operations on topping up and cleaning can be carried out soon when off the mains plug pump. So it is prohibited to top up to a waterfall or fountain of hot water with temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. Have decorative waterfalls and fountains need in accordance with the design room. They are placed on window sills, tables, lockers, screw the shelves, plants, etc. Influence of the Falls of direct sunlight will lead to more rapid flowering of water. Look great advertising falls in bars and restaurants. Appearance of advertising pouring drinks cans attracts customers in these institutions and contributes to the emancipation of the situation at the bar. Waterfall, set the house will support distract from vain thoughts and relieve fatigue. Dry skin and nasopharynx will eliminate running waterfall. Put a desktop waterfall on his working table and can be at work enjoy the sound of streaming water and appearance of water overflows. Decorative waterfalls and fountains are a great gift to friends and associates.