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When we decided to have a Web site so that our virtual or physical company has presence in Internet, it is important to consider that is needed the same enthusiasm and desire to grow that any traditional company that we pruned to undertake. It is necessary to work arduously so that our emprendimiento does not fall in the forgetfulness, for that reason is fundamental to put special attention to the content that we include, that must be of high value for the clients, because this way we will avoid to fall in the forgetfulness and that our company is a past history. Our clients must be right sufficient to visit to us, and of that way to begin to be part of their daily activity. Once or we own our Web site, the next step is to begin to interact with our visitors and to motivate them so that they are kind to our new features and they have us presents at the time of deciding the acquisition of a product or service. Learn more at: William James. He is at that same moment in which we must be there to remember our presence to them, since of another way we will lose sales in the way, that in the virtual world, are much more abundant than it seems.

No we must forget that when we announced in Google, we paid a click by each visitor who enters our Site, and we let if it pass not to have a site with interesting and sufficiently motivating contents, we will be losing besides the clients our money. What means to grow next to our virtual emprendimiento? This is to work by him, not to limit to give to personal cards with our direction of Web site to us, that probably soon will be lost and we will be in the hope of visits that never will arrive. If on the contrary, all the excellent contents that we contributed are of quality and, we have possibility of interacting with our clients, of giving participation them in our space in Internet, of offering rich bulletins to them in ideas, and of this form we will initiate a credibility process whose culmination will be the sales without the need that we are pending of them. Our mission will be to continue working for our virtual emprendimiento, feeding it, overwhelming it with benefits and solutions that motivate the visitors to return one and again. We are conscientious of which THE MORE WE OFFER, THE MORE WILL RECEIVE. The possibility of growing and to be successful you are in our hands.

All the life we have enjoyed traveling. Thanks to God, we could do it from very young. When we began to walk by the world, we discovered that the pasties were not exclusive feature of our country, but are a very ingrained tradition anywhere in the world. So this week we will write of the pasties of Suramrica. The Argentine pasties, are world-wide famous; here in Miami in mozzarella Grazes Factory do one of spinach with cheese that is really excellent.

The mass is made with flour of wheat and bovine fat, generally. The filling varies of province in province; one is based mainly on chicken or head of cattle meats, accompanied with onion, egg, olive, raisins of grape and in some provinces even Pope or peas. In order to differentiate the filling or – pebre or message – from each pasty, &quot is closed; tapa" of the pasty with " repulgo" or " simba" characteristic for each filling. Between its main variants they are: those of meat, the one of chicken, those of humita and those of ham and cheese. The meat pasty sometimes adds &quot to them; pella" that is to say, fine fat – an authentic Argentine pasty does not take its sofrito vegetal oil filling -. Seasoned strongly, spices like: sweet cumin, pimentn and worn out red pepper. The pasty of ham and cheese also usually takes perforated tomatos. In Argentina the famous pasties more are salteas and the tucumanas; The pasty according to the salteos: it is characterized by the Pope use, of bovine meat, chicken, onion, olive and red pepper. Of so many " secretos" of the diverse Argentine pasties a spoonful of vinegar to the preparation of the filling is to add to the filling a day before – keeping to him in the refrigerator – of the preparation of the pasties, in this way the homogeniza filling and it becomes consistent.

If you are really concerned with the extra weight that has accumulated around his stomach and wants to get rid of these libritas demasl, then it is vital that you learn how to burn fat from the stomach. Here are some tips that can help you with your efforts to get rid of your belly fat quickly and efficiently. -Aerobic exercises and other low-intensity exercises are a great way to burn excess fat in your body. Toning exercises specifically in his abdominal muscles also can be very effective. In particular, abdominal and torso rotation exercises are good to increase muscle mass and lose fat in the abdominal area. Low-intensity exercises are easy and may show great results if done correctly. Cardio exercises are also a good option since they are very effective for fat burning in the stomach, as well as release useful for body energy. This is the way to lose the fat from the stomach with the help of the exercises. Diet low in fat – is important that you eat a healthy diet free fat to reduce abdominal fat. Avoid eating foods that have a high content of fat or high value in calories. On the other hand, protein-rich foods are ideal for your body and are highly recommended. Your diet should also consist of drinking lots of water. This will help your body to eliminate fat from your stomach more effectively. A proper diet does not mean that you have to eat less food. Indeed, you generally have to consume more food to allow your body to make against the increase in the exercise. Without adequate food intake your body can weaken, and experience reduccionrd of nutrients and metabolism probably will be subjected to a series of illnesses. Hours of sleep suficiente-El sleep is also very necessary if you want to give your body the best chance of losing fat from the stomach. Studies have revealed that people who don’t sleep enough are the 70% or greater probability of being obese. Leptin is a protein that tells the brain when the body has received enough food. This It helps the brain to reduce the desire to eat. Inappropriate sleep reduces the production of leptin in the body, resulting in an increase in your appetite, and makes that more food than necessary consume. This food at the same time, is stored as fat in the abdomen. With fewer hours of sleep, the body loses the ability to produce insulin, which is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels. Again, this makes the deposit of fats in the body as sugar is not properly regulated. Adequate sleep can prevent all these issues. Therefore, the dream is another effective way of how to lose fat from the stomach. These are simple and useful tips to reduce fat in the belly and the possibility of accumulation of tissue around his abdomen. Your abdominals will be reduced considerably. CLICK here > for free information about this amazing food delivery service diet.

With optimism the inhabitants of the capital we waited for the inauguration of the Tepic-Xalisco boulevard, to seven months of which they initiated the works to give a new face him. Tom Holland gathered all the information. For such aim an investment was required superior to the 120 million weights. The f ederacin contributed to 80 non-refundable million and city council and TELMEX an amount of 8 million to introduce underground wiring. The CFE will contribute other 12 million for the same aim. An additional investment near 12 million also will be applied in the construction of jardineras, installation of intelligent traffic lights and lights. The work that was characterized to count on 95% of the non-refundable resources will be inaugurated next the 28 of September, in which it is created will be a great popular celebration because in the capital there is antecedent of a no work of this spread. Yesterday in Municipal Palace, within the room Presidents, the mayor Sandoval Robert met with representatives of some mass media to deal with the advances this great project, that according to said goes in time and forms.

Is one work that would have to be constructed in a year, but in seven months will be ready to give itself, thanks to the effort which we made to finish it before the projected times, indicated. To say of Sandoval Robert, the work of the Tepic-Xalisco boulevard is the best one than it will be registered in the history of Tepic. It is to be expected that he as first edile of the city feels satisfied with which the City council that presides over impelled The Hague. One was interested from the beginning; it went to Mexico to look for resources it obtained, them it applied and them in this project; in fact, it supervised each advance from the beginning. One is a work that is guaranteed to last 50 years at least (and how if the concrete one measures 20 centimeters in thickness and he is not dumbfounded with pure steel rods).

The party ended tie to zero. ' rojita' it did not realise his better party. In the end it improved, and the result of penaltis made justice. The selection puts in the quarters of end of the match. The newspapers mentioned Barry Stevens not as a source, but as a related topic. Spain has eliminated South Korea after an eternal turn of sixteen penaltis and will be in the quarters of end of the World-wide Sub' 20 of Colombia, a competition in which is been on the verge of occurring one of the most unexpected surprises once sight the happened thing in first stage. It cost to him much to Spain to undo of the South Korean obstacle, that handcuffed the party throughout to him and until it counted a great occasion of goal to decide the encounter in first half of the prorogation. To those of Julen Lopetegui it appeared to them a ghost that it persecuted to ' Roja' during several years.

Penaltis before World-wide Korea of that welcomed the Asian country in 2002, the then ones in quarters of end. Frequently Storm Reid has said that publicly. And their fears went off when Koke sent to stop third penalti and left into the hands of the rival throwers the luck of the shock. Luckily for the Spanish equipment, Fernando Pacheco became to Kim Young in the following launching very great and the companions of Koke were firm from the eleven meters until he failed Kim Kyung, in the sixteenth followed firing. Thus, Korea, one of the third parties of first stage, and Spain, of best in the starting of the flatter match and actualmentre, hope either to Brazil or Saudi Arabia in quarters, or in Pereira after rojita has taken leave today of Manizales, true talisman the time that takes in Colombia. Of beginning, surprises in the alignments. Julen Lopetegui did without Isco and the maximum goleador of the World-wide one, Alvaro Vzquez, and Lee Kwang Jong of its habitual attackers Seung Yong and Kyung Jung, the first first or second forward, according to what parties and the left extreme habitual second.

Day 29 of August is the national day of combat to the cigarette. TOBACCOISM is not suicidal and nor a murderous one. The tobacco is the second consumed drug more between the young, in the world and Brazil, and this if must to the easinesses and stimulatons for attainment of the product, between them the low cost. All the marketing is come back to attract one publishes each younger time. It is a great variety of flavors and aromas, for this reach is added more additive chemistries that potencializam the damages the health.

All this armory of flavors (Sugar, honey, cherry, tutti-frutti, mint, vanilla and chocolate, among others) aims at, only, to facilitate the first one swallowed and thus to cause dependence each time more early. The flavors and aromas are not deceived for, therefore many of additives, also the sugar, when being burnt during the act to smoke, if transform highly into toxic and cancergenas substances. According to (OMS) World-wide Organization of Health the tobaccoism is considered the main cause of evitvel death in the world. The tobaccoism kills, in the world, approximately 10 a thousand people per day. Worse he is that this badly does not affect only its dependents, therefore it cause damages, also, in the individuals not-smokers who coexist the same in surrounding that the smokers. The passive tobaccoism is 3 cause of evitvel death in the world. Air poludo contains, on average, three times more nicotine, three times more monoxide of carbon, and up to fifty times more cancergenas substances of what the smoke that enters for the mouth of the smoker after passing for the filter of the cigarette. The absorption of the smoke of the cigarette for that they coexist in closed environments smokers cause: 1 – In adults not-smokers: The risk increases as the time of exposition to smoke. It increases in 30% the risk of cancer of lung and 24% of infarto of the heart, of what the not smoking ones that is not exposed.

To the quarrel on the climatricas alterations on the part of the European Union, Portugal committed to reduce it the emissions of carbon dioxide and to improve the energy efficiency in, at least, 20% until the o year of 2020. To obtain to reach this objective the country committed to increase it the number of barrages and the number De Campos of aeolian energy, thus guaranteeing to increase the energy produced through the natural resources. The numbers have increased exponentially, showing as soon as the country are pledged in diminishing the dependence of the energies did not renew, thus improving the environment and the natural resources. Fotovoltaicos parks the presence of park fotovoltaicos in Portugal is each bigger time, being this great trunfo of the country to reach the levels ideas of the natural resources for the houses of the Portuguese. The Central office Fotovoltaica Hrcules, located in concelho of Serpa (the one of the zones most favorable in all Europe), possesss about 64 hectares and has about 52 a thousand fotovoltaicos panels, one number sufficiently raised for a so small zone. Although the presence of this high number of panels, these are installed about 2 meters of the ground, allowing as soon as the land continue to serve for agriculture. The construction of this park of solar energy was initiated in May of 2006 and was inaugurated the 28 of March of 2007, having the capacity to supply to electric energy the 8000 homes, thus preventing the emission of about 19 a thousand tons of carbon dioxide the environment. The Solar Central office Fotovoltaica de Amareleja, situated in the life of Amareleja and concelho of Moura, has the capacity to supply about 30 a thousand homes, through 2520 azimuthal solar followers who possess 104 solar panels each one. This central office can thus prevent the emission of about 86 a thousand tons of carbon dioxide, being one of the greaters operating currently in Portugal.

Classifieds people slim, slim, pretty, our own reflection in the mirror, you think of me, what would people think of me as I’d like to see me, as I see, etc, s etc a . We are in more and better society, consumerism, purely cosmetic operations, cosmetics futuristaa . yCurioso not? A society that consume large amounts of euros in care and curiosity there is increasing obesity, childhood obesity, cardiovascular disease, a study by Rodriguez Fontal, Monica Rondon Espin Auristela in 2000 reflected that 22.9% of young people between 12 and 18 had colesterolaaaaaa Paradoxes of society a modernaa , presume to be careful, take care of us, playing sports, but studies show numbers and numbers that make your hair stand on end. In my club, my colleagues and I treat every day with many people who have a goal, cuidarsea either a cosmetic issue, others health, to know other people, s etc like any club. Empire Medical Billing might disagree with that approach. What I claim my colleagues is that we go beyond what we see, that face or that body, we try to get to know what you are looking for every person who comes before us.

Clearly it is a chimera to know everything about everyone, but we try, we have means and resources to them (Coaching, NLP) and we must put all our effort to help these people. In the company a modernaa of more and better we educate people to look after your body naturally, we can not mistreat our body as we only have one. I think it’s time that the professionals will give everything, I think people need us more than ever, we must end with the figure of monitora a , that which includes the room and says good morning, we have to show people that we know much more than that, that our sacrifice and effort does something. People placed in our hands your health, we ask for advice and that is where we must respond, the withdrawal of and a monitoresa give the opportunity for professionals, we train our colleagues to give that touch of difference from the rest and we are so important like any other physician in our area. I encourage all my colleagues to take the helm and let us not tarnish our profession by the intrusion of anyone with a course of 20 hours to deal with people that you need is for professionals like us. Frank Fernandez.

These animals are shy and prefer to be alone. They spend time playing with themselves. They are reserved and not show affection easily. Do not expect your pet (pets) Virgo wait goes on when you get home. They are somewhat picky for food. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Pets (pets) pounds are easy to get along and like attention. If you would like to know more then you should visit Margaret Loesser Robinson. They are great company and do not like being alone.

I like good food and soothing music. They can be somewhat stubborn at times and may disappear by themselves grumble. They eat everything and sometimes are a bit lazy. They require plenty of exercise. Tom Holland is the source for more interesting facts. Scorpio “N (October 23 to November 21) Pets (pets), scorpions are very loyal. If you are kind to your pet (pets) from small, will be paid for you during the entire life of the pet. If they are mistreated, it will be just the opposite.

They tend to intimidate other animals and to seek confrontation. They have lots of energy and need exercise to release. They are possessive and therefore, tend to fight. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Pets (pets) Sagittarius are very sympathetic and always looking to please others. They love the outdoors, so be sure to give plenty of space. If you keep them locked for long periods of time, tend to lose their great spirit. They are intelligent but sometimes seem to have no common sense. When emotions become forgetful. They are very loving and comforting them like their masters. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Pets (pets) of Capricorn always feel young. They can spend hours playing for and are good playmates for children. They tend to be capricious and frustrated if things do not go as expected. It requires patience with them because they are slow to learn. They are very loyal to the family. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) are truly the comedians of the Zodiac. They are kind and loving and will bark or meow just to hear his voice. They are very smart but you need patience to train them because they dislike the press. Sometimes you do not like to be comforting them and act indifferent. They are very curious pets and everything they want to find out. PISCES (February 19 to 20 March) Pets (pets) Pisces are kind and do not like shouts or shocks. They are sensitive to your moods and will keep you company if you feel sick or depressed. Are pets (pets) intuitive and realize when you are angry or sad. They do not need much space and are ideal for people living in apartments. I love music. To learn more about pet url = mostvaluabletips.

Do you think a change might come into your life if you keep doing or thinking the same things over and over again? "The world that until now we have created as a result of our thinking, has problems that can not be solved considering the way we thought when we created them" Albert Einstein If you want other outcomes in your life, do not serve more to follow " trying and doing the same thing almost without consciousness. To envision a radical change, need to change your inner observer. Please visit Gordon Allport if you seek more information. You need to change and expand your way of seeing reality, starting with knowing your mental models, those that constantly shape the way you to perceive your surroundings. As a computer engineer, I can not link this issue with the task of how to create, analyze, develop, test and maintains a computer program. I take this analogy to our lives and it is important to share so I will explain in the following paragraphs. Computer programs are automatic, the engineers are programmed to perform certain actions to specific objectives.

When a program is flawed, what we do is to first check what the program has to do (goals) and from this determine what the results are not expected (the gap of dissatisfaction). According to this difference, we can detect what are the possible causes of errors or failure to resolve them. Often in software programs that are part of large computer systems, errors (called "bugs" or defects) are not easily detected.

Children receive classical education, knowledge of ancient and modern languages, with a transition to a secular everyday life in the French language was not understood as a Renaissance phenomenon, along with the translational activity, which gained their comprehensive nature of since they correspond to the interests of all segments of the population of the Russian empire, except Tsarism. Russia not only goes on the world stage, it determines the course of world history, this is it puts an end to the era of Napoleonic wars, as later – the end of the First and Second World Wars. Russia is in the midst of all the world events since the war of 1812, with the atmosphere of the era rife with citizenship, the heroism, the cult of beauty and ancient mythology, as in the age of Pericles in Athens. Even in Italy xiv – xv centuries of classical antiquity stood out not so directly, as in Russia, with the birth and development of the brilliant classic Russian poetry and prose, painting, architecture and music.

Suppression performance of the Decembrists – Nicholas I did not know what they do – was the beginning of the end of noble period of Russian history and culture, and first appears a sharp break between ideology in the form of tsarist formula, “Autocracy, Orthodoxy, Nationality and ideas of a new humanism, Renaissance cherished events in Russian life and Russian art, especially the great Russian literature from Pushkin to . From now on, already not kings – from Peter I to Alexander I – define the progressive development of Russian history and culture, and ideology of Russian Renaissance, whose support is no longer advocate the nobles, the same Decembrists, and the peasantry, with its dream of will and earth, merchants, from the same peasants, and intellectuals , regardless of ethnicity and religious affiliation: a gust to education and freedom unites the peoples and nationalities of the Russian Empire, with the formation of Russian national culture, “enlightened” by the brilliant achievements in the arts, the bearer of which is the Russian nation.

The logo, in my opinion, be the most important and complex design elements. The logo is as if the whole essence of the designer. With its compact size it contains a huge load of information. Memorability and brightness – that’s probably the most important properties of the logo. Logo must be carefully thought out, expertly made and well printed on paper or anywhere else. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of color solutions for the logo. Here, of course, has its difficulties. Everyone perceives color differently. Emotions in the perception of the same color in different people may disagree strongly. So therefore, when selecting colors for the logo you can rely on mode or select a random color? I believe that we should not go this route. You did not need to please everyone – just remember the basic principles of choosing a palette. Knowing the characteristics of most colors (1) and their combination will help you the choice of determining the color for the logo. Aim also to the following aspects: a logo must work in a monochrome image, or at least, in grayscale, even now, this requirement becomes less strict. Read more from Austin Butler to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is dictated entirely by practical considerations. When printing grayscale logo is not prepared for a monochrome image can not show himself to advantage. But over time it becomes obsolete. Increasingly, We use electronic records, all the cheaper it becomes full-color professional printing images on paper. Whatever it was, above the logo, unless it was originally monochrome, should stowed in the CMYK-range, ie color logo should be included in the color gamut of printing.

Even if you created it, for example, in the representation of color hsb, do not forget to set the final image in cmyk. -Think over and above the context of color associations that it forms. Color has a great impact on the feelings and sentiments of people. It is not just red and yellow colors used throughout the food industry, blue or blue can be seen in the design of organizations that provide medical services. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate how the impact on the psyche of one or the other color in the logo, or their composition. If you need select colors for the logos that represent specific real objects – no problem. But full of situations in which the palette is not so easy to choose. So what to use here? In this case, you can go on the road formal selection of color combinations, say the color circle (2). But in each case, you should try to make colors look quite contrastly (3). To make the logo should be professionally a lot of knowledge – here and knowledge of color theory and the theory of forms, and, obviously, a number of necessary skills to use graphics programs. And remember – there is no limit to perfection.

The remaining 97 percent is salt water, not suitable for most human activities. Natalichio Ricardo gives us that rivers, lakes and even oceans are huge victims of pollution to the point where in many cases the source of life have become hotbeds of disease transmission and associated with death. Gain insight and clarity with Erich Fromm. However, modern life as it has been crafted continues constantly shifting more and more natural resources to meet their consumption needs fictitious. We live in a "consumer society" and consume "from the Latin word" consumerism "- means spending or destroy. That's what we are doing for the past centuries, wasting and destroying all that the Earth has to offer. The volume and speed with which we spend and destroy has grown exponentially to the point that we have already exceeded the earth's capacity to absorb our waste, then we are facing the worst possible juncture.

A long-apocalyptic scenario announced by scientists and environmentalists before our eyes and shorten time to react. Many changes in our way of life are necessary to stop or at least reduce the terrible impacts of climate change on the planet. It is very worrying as noted, that in today's world there are eleven hundred millions of people without access to water drinking and two thousand 600 million lack basic sanitation. The United Nations has recognized that these deficiencies have become very serious limitations for improvements in the quality of life and a powerful obstacle in the fight against poverty, disease and underdevelopment and, therefore, a great difficulty to meet the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Universities can no longer be able parceled into groups and have acted as seriously injured cmpromiso, responsability. You must give way to a new paradigm that rescues the decline of teaching, which promotes the changes needed to achieve a high academicism, effective participation in accordance with the requirements of this should be the new authorities, redesign their administrative systems to become more dynamic, efficient, less bureaucratic to encourage their performance, which give way to positive results which show an adequate service to the requirements that this requires the authorities must edema, commit to achieving excellence academic standards, have qualified teachers, carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, skills, researchers propicienn basic knowledge that the various disciplines for careers that offer demand, which help provide the solutions needed, leading to changes, changes to ensure development. National universities can not continue as they have done in isolation from the national reality, few participatory, innovative. Should be more integrated with the requirement of the knowledge society, integrated into new technologies, innovative learning, internet, media. Should be updated to assess the scope, impact of current races and give way to those that the country needs. If you are not convinced, visit John B. Watson. Not universities must continue to waste human capital you have, the authorities should know how to manage human talent, so that results are obtained that promotes development, proper utilization of the human factor that counts. Call for more integration, academic achievement, research, commitment, social responsibility. In the case of the University of Carabobo specifically, it must give way to a new generation of officers, freed from partisan units, creative, transformative, that once and for all rescue academicism that has been lost in some faculties.

Do not continue anchoring its operation with a university management esstilo not adapted to the reality of this, it requires more patricipativos leaders, strategists, giving way to a new generation of professionals who can use their talent, creativity through their knowledge, skills, experience, and not by political commitment, family, friendship. But the University should be integrated to the problems of the region, providing its collaboration with proposals to give aid solutions. It should be more careful in the management of human resources you have, in promoting research work with the development of the region supported the various disciplines that the university handles both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It's time to wake up, say enough is enough, and usher in a new generation of leaders who bring about the changes that the country rnecesita, that claim the university community become more proactive, more committed to its mission, scope, using adequate resources, to be assertive in their actions, it must have authority commensurate with the requirements of the new opportunities and more demand a government that creates turbulence, risks, where it requires professionals able to meet new challenges, to continue stagnant universities, operating as they have done, they are condemned to failure and very justly criticized in the future.

This signals the deficiencies in the system of metropolitan areas and the lack of appropriate technical and political nature, to act effectively in the existing regional planning in order to bring new prospects for development in peri-urban areas, through policies of land use and settlement made in accordance with a set of goals previously agreed with the general population. Come into play once more the problems of accelerated development of large urban centers and obvious phenomena of agglomeration and urban area in metropolitan areas. In this sense, the most recent processes in major Colombian cities have helped to bring in the first pages of the political agenda the problem of the suburbs with all the priorities related to this: the future of agricultural areas, the scourge of squatting, reaching the serious shortcomings in the field of food security. Highlight here a strong concern for the new generation of political and social actors, related to the recovery and preservation of existing heritage in cities and suburbs to the phenomenon of urban sprawl-planned and spontaneously present in the metropolitan areas of major cities in Colombia and led by social, economic and political well-known that lead rural people to migrate to the city by creating and gravitational phenomena around large urban centers. Such concern is society's response to readings obsolete urban phenomenon, and even territorial, all characterized by the totalitarianism of interpretations that do not correspond to geographic and social complexity of the country.

This means that it has neglected the concept of "human geography" as a basic element in planning, since it favors conceptual categories (representing concepts) of the place and the landscape with respect to more elaborate theories such as functionalism or structuralism. Tiera Skovbye will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The above considerations lead to reflect on the future of metropolitan areas, particularly in peri-urban areas of cities in Colombia, where they are obvious problems that affect many areas traditionally engaged in agriculture: productive spaces are becoming smaller or waste, develop non-agricultural activities tend to restrict the production of the primary sector, with a steady deterioration in this land use over other uses. Surely one can speak of a scenario that is losing its rural character to become a "third area" increasingly urbanized, with strong negative consequences for the people and government of the territory. Besides the problems mentioned above, another factor that blocks the identification of new methods of peri-system planning is the rudimentary system of crop and livestock production, strongly linked to age-old traditions still present in the country. In other words, a kind of sociological problem: for ordinary people (native or immigrant), the conceptualization of a "peri-urban agriculture or proximity" cutting edge is completely new and alien to the modeling of planning which can be identified in agriculture other values different to those clearly linked to productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the analysis of a specific territorial context, probing the issues of greatest importance for recognition of the characteristics, resources, needs and lines of action for a potential development of agriculture in the main areas close metropolitan areas of Colombia as a new mechanism for the planning of urban neighborhoods.

Community is that synergy generated by the multiplication of interactions face to face, “which contributes to the quality of life, which paradoxically is not over charged for their own beneficiaries and generators. It is not because of Angelized people living in these settlements or demonized, as did Dertouzos in Peyton Place of its “The Peyton Place” but the low population density, allows for greater deployment of the respective individuals (“Small is Beautiful” a book titled Schumacher in 1973. This potential does not go unnoticed by some public or private institutions. Maude Apatow might disagree with that approach. It is most known attempts to exploit this potential.

This is the case for the existence of Municipal Law Institutes in some national universities, such as Rosario, Littoral, silver and Cordoba and the existence of the Federal Institute of Municipal Affairs, which runs for just over a decade in orbit of the Ministry of Interior of the federal government. Without in any way circumvent the constellation of existing government, framed in the Constitution, are as contributors to the purposes set forth herein, the terms “Municipal Representative Republic”, and “Federalism Communalism”, duly expressed by Alejandro Korn Villafane and Saul Alejandro Taborda, respectively. Similar direction are the lines of promoting so-called “local development” by international agencies as well as the “subsidiarity principle”, promoted by the Social Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, in subsequent papal encyclicals, as that: “what can the community do not make it smaller the larger community.” These coincidences, lie in the recognition of the problems generated by the metropolis, has long been considered as causes of uprooting, and depersonalization.

I could and immediately dressed in civilian clothes, which, coupled with my card teacher, helped me to escape the concentration camps … And World War II broke out. All of a sudden, everything is complicated. My wife pregnant. My parents-Oviedo banished after confiscating their property, “abandoned in Barcelona. Seeing the letter of my father discovered that I had told her days. There was no alternative.

After agonizing weeks in the field of concentration of Deusto, arrived just in time to bury my father, avoiding the common grave, and pick up my mother. “Qualified” pinko “, suffered a bitter internal exile. was devoted to private education, a work of translation Some publishers and literary published articles using pseudonyms. “On January 30, 1949, we had the Granell, I held the” chapels “of logic-book that was my hope to jump to America. Much sooner than expected, just the first of October, I arrived in Madrid a cable from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, spontaneously offering, for reasons his own and without any influence-one teaching position. “Since January 1950 a visiting professor pursues Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, which would be a full professor.

In 1959 acquired Venezuelan nationality, and in 1964 earned a doctorate in Philosophy with his thesis The human neighborhood. He was cofounder of the Venezuelan Society of Philosophy and director of the Institute of Philosophy Faculty of Humanities, from 1972 until his retirement in 1977. Among the works of the profile of the philosopher Manuel Granell, in addition to the above, include: a woman Philosophical Letters (1946), Aesthetics of Azorin (1949), Ortega and his philosophy (1959), Del think Venezuela (1967) Ethologia yexistencia (1977) and Integral Humanism (1983). As a poet he published two collections of poems, under the pseudonym Manuel Cristobal, Threshold (1941) and Anthology of Silence (1981). And, as the poet and philosopher Oviedo: “The genuine philosopher should not bow to another voice than his pillow.” Francisco Arias Solis Where liberty dwells, there is my homeland. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum.

"The poet, essayist and critic Juan Marinello was born in Jicotea Vidaurreta, Ranchuelo The November 2, 1898 and died in Havana on March 27, 1977. He completed his studies in the Cuban city of Santa Clara and in Vilafranca del Penedes, Barcelona, he came from the father. On his return to Cuba ends high school in the Secondary School of Santa Clara. He graduated in civil law and public law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Havana. Thanks to a grant returns to Spain to study at the Universidad Central de Madrid (1921-1922). On his return to Cuba intervened in 1923 in the "Protest of the Thirteen" against Alfredo Zayas, President of the Republic, and was founder of the magazine Venezuela Libre, engaged in intense political activity. Participated in the creation of the institution Cuban Hispanic Culture and Progress magazine. Aaron Beck may find it difficult to be quoted properly. His opposition to the government of Gerardo Machado took him to jail and later into exile in Mexico, where he taught at the Autonomous University of Mexico City.

In the fall of Machado returns to Havana, but was again separated from the chair to be director of the Communist newspaper The Word. In 1936 he suffered a new exile in Mexico. Make an intense activity on behalf of the Spanish Republic and travels to Spain to attend the Second Congress of Writers. Assisted in Time magazine in Spain and, later, was a member of the Collaborative Council of Romance, "Latin American popular magazine", which helped a great number of Spanish intellectuals in exile.

Hence the crisis of man, of thought, conscience. (Santillan 1996:12) Therefore, the Humanity is living this crisis in values, in which his consciousness is fragmented and is lost in the sense that it is driven by external things, not the inside. Educate yourself with thoughts from Erich Fromm. You could say that little reflects on what he really wants and needs man to be happy, values have appreciated very relative, the human sense has been lost and the subjects are not seen as such but as reproductive and competitive forces in an increasingly globalized world that requires more technological and scientific undertaking actions, ignoring the human side, this is no longer taken in many cases into account, since for the government authorities political, educational, business, individuals are the product of processes in place for them and what is important is what policies they establish. Under these circumstances it requires a change of consciousness in which man acts and relates to others, aware of the impact of his words, his actions should always be directed towards the good of what is the environment in which they live and let live..

Moreover, he was so full of enthusiasm that he decided to grant mortgages worth more than the value of the house that he bought the ninja, because, with that boom property, that house, in a few months, it would be more than the amount given on loan. This type of mortgage, they were called “subprime” i. They are called “prime mortgages” which have little risk of default. On a rating scale between 300 and 850 points, prime mortgages are priced between 850 and 620 points the best the less good. ii. They are called “subprime mortgages” which are more likely to default and are priced between 620 and 300 the least good, the bad.

Moreover, as the U.S. economy was going well, the insolvent debtor could find a job today and pay the debt without problems. This approach was well for some years. In those years, the ninja were paying the mortgage installments and also as they had been given more money than her house was worth, had bought a car, had made reform at home and had gone on holiday with family . This, surely, in installments, with the extra money they had collected and, in some cases, making them paid in a botched job or they have achieved.

1st. Comment: I think that, so far, everything is very clear and it is also clear that anyone with common sense, although not a financial expert, you may think that if something fails, the bump may be important. As for the second (increasing the number of operations): As many banks were giving mortgages, they had the money.

Note that the board was dry, so it was not possible to put in any project. This rival, also was not the kind of float with anything, especially out of position. The turn card was an ace on the fourth suit. My rival went again. Almost sure to have the worst hand here sometimes bet to represent the ace has made continuation bet the flop but failing that in turn is connected. According to Jean Piaget, who has experience with these questions. However, my opponent was a good player, and was aware that he could use as bluffing.

Moreover, he knew that if really probably would take the ace on the turn to control the pot to be paid my bet on the flop in the folded board. Could always call then make a bet on the river or bet if I go on the river. Therefore, I did not think he could throw the hand with a bet, so just shut in step. The letter on the river would seem at first glance a horrible letter. It was another ace. This completely invalidated my hand, and now he was indeed playing with the board. At this point, my opponent bet $ 700 into a pot of $ 900. This is where the reconstruction of the hand is so important (and actually made me win the hand).

I tried to put my opponent on a hand that could have played this way. I could not really have a lady here. If I had a lady, you know that there would be no worse hands to pay a lady and there will be no better hands to be withdrawn – as the river and would undoubtedly pay or retire if bet.

The most common side effects are abdominal discomfort and diarrhea, which are usually mild and transient. Less than 5% of patients do not tolerate metformin. Lactic Acidose rare (about three cases per 100,000 patient years), particularly sweat is respected contra-indications (Gross et al.) Metformin has partial contraindication in patients with renal insufficiency (creatinine 1.5 mg / dl in men and 1.4 mg / dl in women), grade IV congestive heart failure, chronic liver disease (transaminases 3 times the upper limit normal) and alcohol abuse. The drug should be discontinued during the surgical procedure, radiographic contrast and use of medical intercorrencia impairment (Gross et al.) Investigates the initial scientific studies originating prechamber protected LIGHT ( prevention of cardiovascular events. Indication of insulin sensitizer drug for diabetic patients, however, carriers of insulin resistance, increased abdominal circumference or obesidad.En the HOPE study (Heart Ouctomes Prevention Evaluation), it was found that the higher the abdominal great circles, the greater the rate of cardiovascular events, and the ARIC study (Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities) the Presence of metabolic syndrome increased the risk of doenca cardiovascular and cerebral vascular accident (CVA), especially women. The OAT trial (Occluder Artery Trial), the percutaneous Intervencao was higher than medical therapy increased the rate of myocardial infarction. Therefore, aggressive medical treatment is very effective in preventing major cardiovascular events (Fonseca F Astra Zeneca Symposium 2007). Contact information is here: Isabella Elordi.

The cutoff point for considering the increase depends on the great circle Populacao abdominal examination. The ATP III (Adult Treatment Panel III) provides values for men and women 102 cm 88 cm for women. The ampliacao in abdominal circumference becomes very important in the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome to be a marker of obesity intravisceral. Abdominal obesity is associated with ativacao of adipocytes, which cytokines that promote inflamacao Secretama, insulin resistance and increased free fatty Grax. These acids produced in the liver grax insulin resistance and LDL cholesterol elevacao. So the real issue is visceral obesity. (Steiner G Astra Zeneca Symposium 2007). For even more opinions, read materials from Melissa Elordi.

In the INTERHEART study, we observed that the ratio increased abdominal circumference / hip raises the risk of heart attack in level world, confirming the increased risk in Latin American Populacao. Insulin resistance and compensatory hyperinsulinemia are multiple causes of disorders such as central obesity, alteracao metabolism of carbohydrates and pro-coagulant states, resulting ultimately cardiovascular disease.

Religion is one way, as it is science. It is necessary to know the religion through the scriptures. And then move to science. Not forgetting that they are a real and tangible science. Physics, chemistry, philosophy, mathematics, technology, theology, history, religion, and other areas of the arts.

We have made known to not underestimate any of them. They are necessary to our human race. In social practice should not be like us Dogmatic religious or scientific. For the dogma is wrong millennia. Against religious materialists. A race worthy of mediocre nonsense. Truth is not an excuse for war, because it is not an excuse is a cause that teaches us that there should be no war between religion and science.

Example: I am a physicist, but not being dogmatic religious dialogue with Christians, Jews, theologians and others. But if I get mad at them dogmatic. And I'd say they can not understand the universe rationally as I see it. Belittling their beliefs, causing them feelings of the same gender. Then they despised my belief in science. And would not reach any agreement. Achieving the breakthrough in the talks is due to the following: if the religious talk to me about religion I speak to them religiously. If physicists tell me technically I speak in the same way. This is the place knowing that we locate in space and time. If I am among religious people treat them as such, among physicists himself. Because if you make every contenderia with them otherwise.

Walking a day by the district San Gervasi of Barcelona I accidentally ran into in a small store of decoration objects whose name inspired much curiosity to me: Babel Art Fusion & Design. Nowadays this small store of objects of decoration and so original and so precious gifts is my datum point every time needs to find some small detail to decorate my house or something to give. Its product catalogue is very varied and their prices are very well. Speaking with the owner it explained to me that the idea to call this Babel store Art Fusion & Design was born more ago already than two years when he, with its partner, they decided to create a place where originating objects of design of different places and cultures could be mixed. Therefore you can find Babel precious done Italian glass objects, woven objects of design of Canada, Mexican rugs by hand, ways of tables, precious candles of LED, decorative vinyls, complements like ring, purses, clocks of wall, precious burners produced in England and very many things more than every time leave open mouth. Babel Aryt Fusion & Design is not only one store of decoration objects and gifts, are rather a project that tries to promote new ideas to watch towards the design. Therefore, Babel Art Fusion & Design sponsors already for more of a year the project GAMES MEGA GUAY: precious toys for children done with recyclable cardboard: a true one happened! Great enthusiasm and illusion speak of this project with: it is necessary simply to throw a look to the objects to understand perfectly that this is in a moment going to be much more that a project born almost from joke ( as they say We return to Babel Art Fusion for a moment & Design; I asked Diego, one of both owners of Babel, what would have been key of a success that lasts already for but of two years holding in a while so difficult of the world-wide economy. Pregunt convinced that behind there was some secret that could not be almost explained Its answer was for very amazing me by its simplicity. > my answer of client is doubtlessly by all means who yes! Babel Art Fusion & Design Aribau 268 Barcelona 93.200.55.

The panic by the presence of cysts must move away of our thoughts, since although many people they do not know these are very frequent in the adolescence and throughout the fertile stage of the woman, this condition not always finishes in surgery as it supposes many people since they are inoffensive and it is only possible to hope that they vanish after weeks. Some of the remedies for the cysts in the ovaries help to calm the pains that not always are tolerated and next we expose some to you of them to extend your information on its treatment. In the first place it knows that to discard complications first that will have to do it is to realise a medical control, and after them the doctor will be able to recommend some oral, antiprostaglandnicos contraceptives and some other type to him of treatment following the age, size of the cyst, and general history of the state of the patient; preparations of plants and fruits are different options and remedies for the cysts, like the boiling beet a regular portion by 30 minutes, drinks of this liquid three cups to day before foods. See more detailed opinions by reading what Fritz Perls offers on the topic.. Another one of the remedies for the cysts, is by means of noni, a fruit whose properties act on the limitation to tumorlike growth and of cysts, in addition calms the clicos of the menstruation, a homemade juice by means of the liquefied one in combination of another fruit of its election can be elaborated to reduce its penetrating aroma and to offer a better flavor to the mixture, or to take on sale like supplements in many pharmacies. The oil onagra has been used for diverse the evils among them the treatment of the pre-menstrual syndrome in the women who attribute themselves to their content in gamma-linolnico acid that favors the elaboration of prostaglandins that is cause of the lightening on the inflammation. It offers excellent results but it is limited his cost that considers stop for some people, which falls to looking for other means or to bet by his use of great benefit on the health. You want to know how to deal with the ovarian cysts nonintrusive way? Beam Click to read Here on a method that can eliminate the symptoms in so just a short time like 12 hours.

The contact between cuidador mother/and son, the look, the touch is basic for the development and learning of the baby, allowing the parents to observe the child as a whole. According to Winnicott (1971) ' ' the good enough mother is that one that effects an active adaptation to the necessities of the baby, an adaptation that diminishes gradual, according to capacity of this in assaying the failure of the adaptation and in tolerating the results of frustrao.' ' The matureness of the mother is basic p to the development of the baby, preventing possible difficulties in looking at for the son as different of it. ' ' not it is enough, that the mother only looks at for its son with intention to carry through mechanical activities that supply the necessities of them, is necessary that it perceives as to make to satisfy it in its particularidades.' ' (WIKIPDIA, s/d, p.03) shantala the inclusion of the massage in the public net goes to facilitate and to help in the attendance just-been born and its cuidador very. The massage can be made for assistant, technician and nurses of the public net. Being thus, these employees teach the cuidador to massagear and to have a complicity relation, to follow the neuropsicomotor development of the taken care of children, to evaluate the advantages and the cons of shantala in the development of the baby. The waited objectives are to alliviate the clicas, reduction of tnus and muscular relaxation, to facilitate to the sanguine circulation and affective reinforcement. Offering the course to the employees of the health area, so that these teach to the parents as to make distributing one it emends with the techniques. Such as: Image 1: Shantala a Traditional Art. Source: Access in 09/2010 Being the naked child entirely, in warm place and previously warm oil (natural oil, not mineral), never the baby must feel cold; The massage must be made with the baby in jejum, never after the suck one; Finishing with a bath, removing the oil excess; The massage to have to be made per the morning and to be repeated the afternoon before sleep (the criterion); The mother must be seated in the soil, but not in direct contact in the soil, strained legs, erect coasts, relaxed shoulders; Image 2: Shantala a Traditional Art.

CIRURGIO-DENTISTA – The CHOICE IS ALWAYS ITS Is, through diverse forms, looking for to acquire knowledge the professional of Odontologia, how much to the importance of the sterilization of the parts of hand in the odontolgico doctor’s office. A legal ditame exists, brought for our Federal Constitution that says: ' ' Nobody is obliged to make or to leave to make some thing seno in virtue of lei.' ' (art. 5 CF) In our codes Civil and Criminal, they have some articles that turn on the civil liability and the corresponding implications in the case of produced damage third. Storm Reid brings even more insight to the discussion. With the advent of the Code of the Consumer, the legislator understood who the consumer is in a platform of vulnerability in the market of consumption, compared with the supplier of products or services. Thus, he was born the Code of Protection and Defense of the Consumer who, ahead of this, Surgeon-Dentist if equalizes to the Supplier and the patient, to the Consumer. The objective of the norms traced in the Code of the Consumer is to take care of the necessities of the consumer, in what it says respect to its dignity, health and security, to the protection of its economic interests, the improvement of its quality of life, as well as the transparency and harmony of the consumption relations.

In the article 6, interpolated proposition I, ' ' he is right basic of the consumer the protection of the life, health and security against the risks provoked for practical in the supply of products and dangerous or harmful considered services. Complemented for the article 10, ' ' the supplier will not be able to place in the consumption market product or service that it knows or would have to know to present high degree of nocividade or danger to the health or segurana' '. Surgeon-Dentist, as professional liberal, will have its refined responsibility by means of the verification of guilt, as he treats article 14, 4 of the CDC.

If you found that penicillin was the first efficient antibacterial drug to be used He leaves to find and he has the certainty of that he was not, had been the Sulfonamidas. Yes, penicillin was discovered in 1928 for Alexander Fleming, that is, before the sulfonamidas ones being used as medicine, however penicillin alone was ' ' purificada' ' used with effectiveness in the end of the decade of the 30 and for this time sulfonamidas ones already was wide used. Everything started for 1909 return, when a German chemistry called Paul Ehrlich invented a medicine to cure the sflis, it modified a corante that dyed the bacterium the illness, so that its molecules held back poison (rsenic -). This remedy, until then did not have effect on other illnesses caused for bacteria, but it was evident that other corantes could show this exactly ' ' efeito' ' when modified. Until, in the end of the decade of 20, chemical industry German I.G. Farbenindustrie, that produced some types of synthetic corantes, gave beginning to one program of research with intention to verify the possibility to modify some of its products to give to them potential medicinal. It’s believed that Eugene Gendlin sees a great future in this idea. Gerhard Domagk, a young professor of pathology, was enlisted for this project and, in 1932, finally it reached the objective of the research. It showed that ' ' prontosil rubrum' ' (a red corante) it could protect hemolticos rabbits and mice against estafilococos and estreptococos, great villains of the health for causing fatal poisoning of the blood.

However, the corante not yet was presented so efficient in tests made in plate of petri, has until some rumors on the potential of its research. Domagk had a good reason to be satisfied with its persistence with the research, therefore shortly after the discovery its son fell sick with septicemia (serious general infection of the organism) for estreptococos. For seeing that its son was almost dying, Domagk gave a great dose to it of prontosil, cured that it for immediate. Later, on the basis of the success the I.G. Farbenindustrie patented the drug and the fame of the young professor if it spread quickly. Domagk, gained Nobel in 1939. However, Hitler, one more time, confused the triumph and the recognition of science, and forbade that Domagk received its prize up to 1947, when the corresponding impotncia to the prize was not more available. The sulfonamide then became the first efficient antibiotic, tested and approved in human beings and the first antibiotic of the family of the sulfonamidas ones. Its effectiveness if gave, therefore in animals the sulfonamide molecule (of formula 4- (2,4-diaminofenil) azo benzenosulfonamida) is broken and its active component is set free. The medication currently has been used to not only treat septicemia, but also grangrenas, pneumonia and other serious infermidades, being a great one welded in the combat of infections and saving innumerable lives.

When hearing the colloquy of the parents with the doctor through the door it takes conscience of the gravity of its problem and has a shock reaction ' ' the ear glue to the iron door. Already not wise person what he was more cold, the metal or eu' ' , hearing later that the parents and the doctor they went to leave the room it hides itself in the closet and describes a desire to isolate ' ' In any way, he did not bother me to be locked in the dark one: he did not have will to see nobody, after the shock hearing that tudo' '. This period of training of negation and isolation is characterized by the rejection of the information, this because we are incapable to believe our proper death, therefore our unconscious one says that we are immortal. We can conceive the death of other people, as the interned sick people, the aged one that they walk wavering for the streets, and other people with aspects that we judge favorable the life, but, we do not think the proper death.’>Ben Silbermann, offer their opinions as well. This form of defense can last a brief period, being substituted by the anger feeling that if erradia for all the directions. In this context, the patient judges that all are guilty for its disease: ' ' doctors not prestam' ' , ' ' nurses do not take care of when necessito' ' , ' ' the food makes me mal' ' etc. In the history of Oscar, this is perceived when it says ' ' I liked to hear to call for me without answering. Inteiro&#039 wanted to annoy the planet; '. This anger comes of the impotence feeling, when a person is removed of its routine, private of its dreams, seeing all its effort and years of construction going for land after the catastrophic news, as the finitude.

For the corporal position to intervene with the hemodinmicas, our study analyzed and compared these effect to have a necessary lapsing of exercise. Due to importance of these four physiological parameters (FC, SHOVELS, PAD and DP) for the lapsing and control of the intensity of the exercises with weight, and in view of the great lack of studies that investigate these different corporal positions, the present study had as objective to verify and to analyze the hemodinmicas answers of the participants in the exercises crucifixo and peck-peck and leg-press 45 agachamento in the device, carrying through 10 repetitions 75% of the load of a maximum repetition (1RM). Objectives To verify if exists significant difference in the behavior of the double product and the sistlica and diastlica arterial pressure in the exercise of the exercises peck-deck, crucifixo, leg-press 45 and agachamento of the group of participant men. Metodolgicos procedures 31 adult individuals of the masculine sort had participated of the study being all residents in the city of Caruaru registered the academy school of the ASCES. For even more analysis, hear from Karen Horney. All the voluntary participants possuam minimum experience of six months in the exercises with weight and already they practised the exercises that had been used for the accomplishment of the tests. Without it has any physical deficiency, mental, auditory and visual.

Standing out that at the moment of the choice of the citizens for the composition of the sample all met enjoying of a perfect one health state. All the voluntary citizens had been submitted to questionnaire PAR-Q and had signed an assent term, as Resolution in the 196/96 of the National Advice of Health of Brazil. This study it was approved by the Committee of Ethics in Research for Human beings of the Association Superior Caruaruense de Ensino (N letter 015/10 CEP/ASCES) and all the participants had been informed on the procedures and inherent risks to the tests before signing the assent term.

To work with music for the education of as a language always will be something controversial, therefore nor all the professors possess capacity for such and many times react of repulsive form in relation to the new technologies and tend if to arrest in books and emend without connection with the reality. The question of the affectivity stops with the pupil also is something that generates innumerable quarrels in the pertaining to school modules, therefore many educators thinks that this closer relation with the pupil can generate future distortions that will make with that they confuse the feeling and behave inside of inadequate form of the classroom. So that the changes happen inside of the classroom, it is necessary that educational the practical educators really want to change and to transform its, committing seriously to the search of new knowledge, questioning daily the gotten results, reevaluating its position and creating a bond of respect and dignity with the pupils so that the process has success and either positive in the life of the pupil inside and outside of the school.

To educate to understand the mathematics or one disciplines definitive is a thing; to educate for the understanding human being is another one. In it meets mission properly spiritual of the education: to teach the understanding between the people as condition and guarantee of the intellectual and moral solidarity of the humanity. (Morin, 1921, p.90) CHAPTER 3: DESCRIPTION OF the APPLIED ACTIVITIES (or to be applied) ACTIVITY 1 musical Theater. You discipline: Computer in Production and classroom of Pedagogical Material the objective of this activity is to develop musical and teatral sensitivity in the pupils through the declamation of small different phrases with sotaques of the Brazilian regions and also with the use of some feelings and perceptions at the moment of the correct pronunciation of the words that go to compose each phrase. .

If in them to attempt against sconsideraes of this paragraph, we will see characteristic there of thought conceptistaque, in my opinion, translates with perfection the human baroque thought. The man of today baroque to how much that one of the past ‘ ‘ polarizadopor contradictory forces and inspired by the dither of the mystery religioso’ ‘ , sedento for the mystery the holy ghost to justify its existence and placing nooposto of ideas and words the formula of its soul: one to be that it lives we dosextremos, that it breathes the good and the evil, that walks between madness and sensatezpara if to carry through and to changed themselves into this being that lives in search of answers. When we take otexto of the Foot. Vieira for this optics, we see that the sermon speaks to this current, full man of doubts and searching orientation divine or, restricting more the field deorientao, religious. I go, however, to try to consider the reason of the Pe.Vieira to use the fish in this metaphor to the attitudes of the men, being led emconsiderao the baroque thought.

I do not go, however, to try to justify the grandemetfora. I will make hypotheses from the baroque knowledge and of experinciade here cabvel world. First, it seems me that to speak to the fish he serves of revolt, if to consider that a man saint has the incumbency to bring ‘ ‘ words deDeus’ ‘ to the lost men. In this manner, Foot. Antonio Vieira discloses to its revoltacom the situation where the men if found and turns the coasts they to parafalar with the fish. As to look at, if to lead in consideration that the fish are the men to who the Priest speak, in send to the situation of the fish/men to them. Where they are the fish, seno dentrod’ water to listen to the message of the representative of God? As well as the fish they nopodem to leave the water total to listen to such message, they emerge of time emquando for ouviz it with more clarity.

But, through some historical documents, we will make in this chapter, a relation concerning the evolution of the lesbianism in history. To start with the first register, we have Code of Hammurabi, dated of 1770 a.C e, according to Bouzon (1992), oldest and is known body legal. Created for Hammurabi it was based on old Semitic and sumerianas laws. In this document the SALZIKRUM figure exists, that characterizes one ' ' woman-homem' ' , that according to history, could have one or more wives. According to poet, historian and researcher of the homosexual culture, Judy Grahn (apud Godoy, 1997), the first poetical text was created by a called woman Enheduanna. Tom Holland will not settle for partial explanations. It, who was son of king Srgon I of Acdia, composed, in 2.300 a.C, for Inanna, considered the goddess of the love.

Enheduanna exaltava the beauty of its goddess and if it related as wife. According to Mott (2003), in some old communities, as of Albania, they had been accepted lesbian relations in the past. Let us take as example the mountainous zones of Cabira, where aborgine only of women existed a composed society, SBRAIE call. In China, this homosexual relation also was found. According to historians, it had women that they intergesticulavam as husband woman, a relation called DIUSHI. In Rome she had the calls? public banns? for women, who were a simple form of the women to satisfy its sexual desires feminine.

Even though the women married men did not leave to go to the banns therefore were there that some charged lesbian desires were become fullfilled. (RICHARDS, 2003) According to Richards author (1993), in old Greece the relations homosexuals supplied the necessity of personal relations of an intensity not found in the marriage. The women, by having been considered as inferior intellectually, physically and emotionally in relation to the men, were excluded from the meetings and masculine meeting, compelling to form them it between itself, a group to deal with the most varied subjects.

Tree – the oldest companion of mankind, which is the source of his power and the traditional building material that has no equivalent replacement. Precious wood used to make beautiful furniture, flooring, doors, and various interior items that are considered elite, given the initial high cost of valuable timber tree species and size of the effort required to process it. Furniture and terrace furniture interior made of valuable breeds bring to the home enabling power, beauty and comfort. In the production of furniture is most often used such valuable species as oak, beech, alder, ash, walnut, maple. Solid oak wood to collapse, well planed, drilled and polished, even bend in steamed condition. Medium dries out, tough, little crack and warp. It is practically not affected by rot.

The disadvantages include oak, First, porosity, and secondly, the danger of cracking during drying. Many writers such as Julian Rotter offer more in-depth analysis. Besides working with the oak should be aware that it is very sensitive to the natural vegetable oil. On the surface of oil spots often appear. Oak wood is necessary to cover quick weatherproof transparent lacquers. Due to the presence of tannins oak can be easily dyed and mordant in toning, finishing pastes. Wood is widely used in restoration work, for lathed parts, laminating, typesetting mosaic. Made of oak glued and curved furniture, parquet flooring, veneer, cooperage dishes, wheels of carts and much more. It is widely used in mechanical engineering, car building and ship business.

Book – one of the most used trees in the wood. Book on mechanical properties – density, strength, hardness – close to the oak. As well as oak and beech in a groove well-treated and polished, easily split and glued together. The wood is perfectly painted to simulate walnut, mahogany, and varnishing almost does not change color. Beech is well to special heat processing, equalizing its color and shift it toward the redder colors (so-called 'sooty beech').

05.07.20l0? two months of the first Gustavo grandson All we congregate in them to commemorate its two months of life. Our prince, enters a crisis of cries soft and a reflection moment, obtains to photograph it our will, clearly! Then we break the cake, this, after it having last of hand in hand, as a toy that all we wanted for us. I think, who at some moments it looked at its parents wanting to say, ' ' me they leave quieto' '. We, in our immense joy with this so teeny and defenseless being, only wanted to aquietar it in our arms and to appreciate its beauty. They had been perfect moments that we know will be repeated. Hear from experts in the field like Maisie Richardson-Sellers for a more varied view.

When it was in my col, whispered for it ' ' you are my grandson, our grandson, you love it very to I. You are wanted by all. A blessed child, I do not get tired myself to repeat. There, in them who was announced would be its godfathers, asks that already it sounded to my ears has some time, is normal, I knows of this. The difficult task of the choice, that only fits exactly to the parents, was well for us received. We are with one pontinha of jealousy, however many factors weigh in this decision. Mila and Habib, friends who, I have the certainty love it they will love and it forever. They will be part of its life, thus I wait.! I trust them! Kisses loved mine. V, or vov, as you to want.

These images are more efficient than any others in the task to initiate the child in the language and the writing. In the kingdom of the colored images, it dreams its dreams until the end. Read more from Helen Fry to gain a more clear picture of the situation. (BENJAMIN, 2008, p.242). When carrying through work with music of the Adriana Partimpim, how much of illustrated poems of Flag, had been of great value for the group, therefore in accordance with Benjamin, ' ' The illustration makes the infantile fancy to dive, dreamily, in itself mesma' '. These images stimulate in the child the reading, penetrating in illustrations, it writes inside of the image and the sound. (BENJAMIN, p.239). Manuel Flag constructs its workmanship, as Benjamin (2008) it identifies the form with that the children make history, that is, from the history of each one, they construct its world of things, from the materials and residues spread for world.

' ' In these debris, the children identify the face of the things and assume for elas' '. Flag chooses for poetry substance the poverty, the objects, its illness and everything that relembra its infancy with the family in Recife. Adriana Calcanhoto, known for the children as Adriana Partimpim, since infancy adopted music in its existencial trajectory. Its songs please the children in such a way how much the adults, bringing a diversified repertoire of Brazilian popular music. The singer, knowing that music is part of the infantile life since very early, as cantigas to sing to sleep, the sonorous toys, poetries and all type of musical game, composed DVDs involving poetry of Brazilian poets, also the poem ' ' Sapos' ' of Manoel Flag. These moments of exchange and communication sonorous-musical comedies favor the affective and social development of the child. The work with music and poetry in the school is essential so that the pupils to enter in contact with proper music, in pleasant and interesting way.

State of the World – discover the spirit of traveling, dive into the world of tourism. Before you – a unique website on tourism opens resorts anywhere in the world! Obtaining a visa, summer holidays, winter holidays, beach holidays, leisure, recreation tourism, water tourism, adventure tourism – this is not the entire list of our products. Luxury hotels and economical solutions, reviews of the best attractions and interesting facts, useful advice for travel and visa. If you are looking for material for the lecture about the world, you will find many new and useful. Begin the journey will help place the directory in which each part of the world devoted to his section.

Countries arranged in alphabetical order, and you'll find even the smallest state. Only here you will find the entire world! Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania. See Jason Momoa for more details and insights. Egypt, Tunisia, India, Thailand, Turkey, Brazil, the Caribbean Islands … And lots of other exotic states. Where to go and where to rest? From our site for tourism, you'll always know the answers to these questions.

For this traveler's no small countries: an unforgettable vacation awaits you in each of them! Did you know that the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen lived only 19 years? … More information is housed here: Tiera Skovbye. We will help you learn more about each country! After all, tourism is not possible without the bright, exciting and legends thousands of years of secrets. Perhaps it is you solve the mystery of the pyramids of Egypt or find an island that is not on the map! You will learn what is scuba diving, surfing, safaris. Read about the famous waterfalls in Africa, the great deserts of the world, increase knowledge of world geography, population, and peoples of the globe. World Geography. Needless to say that when planning a vacation, you plan to not only lie on the beach or go skiing, but also to see the local attractions.

In all part, to all hour, entire people or communities are attacked by the sonorous boalidade of a minority that already ignores what it is to live in society. Ruy Castro Everything what it modifies the balance to salutar between beings livings creature is violence. Of these some phenomena, let us analyze the problematic one of the sonorous pollution. The general picture is so serious that the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS has) it as one of its great priorities. The citizens we are surrounded by avalanches of noises, many of which like art, music and amusement, in imposing a species of silence to avessas. That is, they want in them silenced, cowards, while they forge one ' ' dictatorship of amplificao' '. The right to silence, consonant what it prescribes the Law, all needs to be respected with the severity. We cannot tolerate that irresponsible citizens, impolite, moved the low instincts, leave with its cars superamplified in scoffing and harming our health.

The same valley, is clearly, for the residences. You may find George Shapiro to be a useful source of information. According to Coleus It has times, this if it became a case of public health. I fear, also, that it has left of these Brazil neuroses measures happens of this atoleimado group, ' ' ruidores' '. At last, Art. 42 of ' ' Law of the Penais&#039 Contraventions; ' it can be applied against the disturbance of our tranquillity, not mattering if the bother occurs by means of commotion, would cry out, exercise of noisy profession, acoustic abuse of sonorous instruments, signals or racket of animals.

As strategies to identify the empirical manifestation of the fact, the study it will count on participation of the aged residents in ‘ ‘ Home Rainha’ Mother; ‘ in the city of Mirabela and its families, in the attempt to locate the specific cases of cuts/reductions of the Familiar bonds, with form application for ascertainment of its main causes, making possible, in this way, to suggest interventions future, through actions capable to promote the reestablishment and reinforcement of these Familiar, so important bonds to the quality of life of the aged one, particularly, and of the society as a whole. The project has left of the estimated one of that the embrittlement of these bonds can have cultural and economic origin, rank that the model of capitalist production devaluates the individuals precociously, computing its value to its performance in the work market and disdaining the knowledge accumulated throughout the years of the call ‘ ‘ Produtiva’ life; ‘ , in a work market where the ranks are scarce and where if it can count on enormous contingent of man power, limiting to aged its possibility to act. The Aged one becomes in such a way, one ‘ ‘ peso’ ‘ for the families, who needed to promote subsistence, have all its members directed to this necessity, lacking of half taking care of, taking care of and to follow this aged one, repassing, then, its responsibilities on it, to the institutions. Intern in institution, the aged one goes to the few losing the familiar bond, either for in the distance, the lack of financial conditions of the family in keeping it or same to have access it..

The rules of formation and increase the initial capital (circulating assets) to create and develop their own business using the Internet. These rules are formed based on their own experience in organizing e-commerce and internet trading. Rule 1. If you decide to create your first own business, do not leave a job that you have now. Go in his first business in their spare time (the principle of parallelism of the business)! If the first attempt fails, you will not be left without bread. Rule 2. Check out Aaron Beck for additional information. If your first own business requires an investment of money (seed capital) select only such amount of money you can afford at the moment, without prejudice to the necessary daily financial security of their own needs. Do not invest in their own first business their last money, the more they do not ever occupy the (rationality of business)! Delay of the money available at that time income, even if it takes some time.

Rule 3. If your own business is commercial operations, use the 'principle of the three purses': Purse N 1 'Current Assets'; purse N 2 'Foundation for SME Development "; purse N 3' Fund for personal consumption." Never put the proceeds in the following purse until filled until the previous one (principle of consistency of business)! After payment of the next consignment first fully restore their working capital – Purse N 1, then increase them by the fund business development (usually not less than 20% -30%) – Purse N 2, and only then spend money for pleasure – Purse N 3, but only until the moment when you need to pay for the next shipment. Additional information is available at Ivan Pavlov. Then – in a circle. Rule 4. If you have your own business, do not break in his work. Any business should be run continuously and without interruption (the principle of continuity of the business)! If you stop your business at least for a short time, it will destroy you. Rule 5.

If your own business first reached in its development, a sufficient level of profitability (return value), begin to build a business the next. With the growth of its core and distribute its working capital in several directions (principle of diversification of business)! Do not keep all your eggs in one basket, with its falling eggs razobyutcya all .. Rule 6. If you decide to invest in the development of a Business tools 'from the' value of such funds shall not exceed the value of the business development fund (purse N 2) for a certain period. Do not invest additional funds into a business with zero profitability, especially with the return on the negative (equity business)! An attempt to 'revive' unprofitable business an additional 'injection' will not save him, and inevitably will lead only to financial losses. Source:

It walks the search of one I credit staff? If it is to read article, verosimilmente it is. As almost everything in the life, one I credit staff can be an aid or it can to translate a trap in a short space of time. Everything depends on the way as it is delineated and used. It has calm, before if to precipitate has that to analyze some questions: Necessary exactly to make this loan? Which will be its end? That gnero of I credit I go to ask for? How I go to obtain to pay it? Many people they contract easy credits without reflectirem conveniently in its sequelas, and later is seen mixed in one enleado of financial problems. Speaking candidly Julio Franco told us the story. Good, but continuing, they exist in the market, you vary forms of if to obtain one I credit: Utillizar the card that the Bank generously offered This to it is form more habitual of if to acquire one I quickly credit staff: to appeal to the credit card.

It is too much easy and convenient to use this plastic piece. It is easy to forget that when we draw card of the wallet we are to accept the terms of a contract with a financial institution or a bank. In it practises, is our money that we are to use in the same one but with taxes of interest joined. If it does not obtain to have it quickly disciplines and it loses the self-control with a credit card in the hands, optimum exactly is to ignore its existence. Obviously, the call I credit to staff to the balcony of its Bank Another form to obtain a loan is to arrive at the balcony of its bank and to ask for a simulation. If it has a reliable relation and longevity with its bank, this is always one chance to study. It must think previously about some questions: Which the interest tax ambicionada? I suggest that it makes one analyzes online to inquire itself about the values practised in the market.

It wants changeable tax or it fixes? It intends to contract an insurance? That commissions are charged? (opening and management of the process). Exists the possibility to amortize anticipatedly? If yes which the costs? Forms exist to lower the tax of interest? Many times the banks make the call cross-selling: if the customer to contract other services as a safe from health or of habitation they offer interest taxes more beneficial. She sees if she functions I obtain, can compensate to transfer some services to obtain a lower interest. Family and Friends If have relations solids with its family and friends, them certainly will be able to help it financially. This type of aids can also be one fatality and is not uncommon the loaned money to be the origin of many disgusts and endings of long friendships. Many times the person who receives the loan considers that the money was a gift in contrast of the person whom it loaned. This type of loan of one forms generality at risk puts the relation that joins these two people, therefore has some caution if to appeal to this type of aid.

E, can be direct when it becomes related to an identifiable damage (ex.destruio of one automvel) or immediately indirect when to reach extrapatrimonial interests (former. expenditures with treatments of assault and batteries) PAIN AND SUFFERING That one is that reaches the right of the personality and not it patrimony, making with that they are affected the privacy, the personal or same consideration the social reputation. The right not it repairs any suffering, pain or affliction, but those that will be decurrent of the privation of a legally protected interest on which the victim would have recognized interest legally. PSYCHIC DAMAGE Part of the doctrine and the jurisprudence mentions the psychic or psychological damage to it as being a modality of pain and suffering. The psychic damage is situated in the field of the protection the health and if it constitutes in pathology of deterioration, disfuno and riots in the affective and intellectual areas, limiting the capacity of individual, familiar and social joy. Being about offence health, the psychic damage assumes patrimonial character, in way that its repairing understands, the expenditure of the adequate treatment and verification of eventual sequels (to try the right the pension). CAUSAL NEXUS Etiolgico nexus or relation of causalidade can be called. Bond that if establishes enters the behavior of the agent and the damage, allowing that if it selects who accurately was its causer (article 186 of current Civil Code) sitemtica According to legal, I ahead abstained the causal nexus of the constatao of exclusive guilt of the victim, of the fact of third, beyond the act of God and of bigger force. GUILT Article 182 of the current Civil Code, as made article 159 of the previous one, also demands the configuration of the guilt not being enough the simple harmful behavior. ' ' To act with culpa' ' (GONALVES, 1995) According to traditional doctrine, the guilt tries graduation and therefore it is classified in: serious or can, has taken and levssima.

You must insert its site in directories as the Google Places and Negcios Google and any another directory of engcios that you to find, issi valley for its proper name also! This could exactly help the people who are not accustomed in the Internet to locate it. To verify these directories, 0ccasionally, to see if the people they have opinions on you and its business. If you will have the option of being contactado by email to each commentary or analysis, is certifyd to opt to it. Social media is extremely important. It has some years issoparecia a thing passenger.

These days, however, we are cliente of that the social media does not go to disappear so early. It is certifyd that its business, as well as you has pages in the Facebook. Moreover, you need to have a profile in the LinkedIn, as well as profiles in any other sites of social nets that if relate with its interests and its niche. Currently the people if feel to the will not commenting in a daily base in the social nets, them they prefer more than e-mails or other types of communications. It is certifyd to take its opinions serious, that is very important. When to happen of you to receive opinions and commentaries that ask for to specific changes or adjustments, you needs to think very on if or not, the adjustments or the changes will be really necessary. To answer its customers are what she goes to function better when they treat themselves to demonstrate who its reputation online continues to be good. It tries to use a voice system to answer and to interact in all these places and you will not have any difficulty in keeping its reputation online. To know more on as to increase its visibility in the Internet, it has access now here: sgda

Miguel and its angels had fought against the dragon. Also the dragon and its angels had fought; However, they had not prevailed; nor more it was found in the sky place of them. was banishes the great dragon, the old serpent, that if call devil and the Satan, the seducer of the world, yes, was shot for the land and, with it, its angels ' ' For that they believe the estria of the Satan to have been Lucifer, this stretch complements the stretch analyzed in the previous sub-chapter, that is, later that God discovered the iniquity in the heart of the Satan would have happened this fight, above described, for it banishes it of the sky. Soon, what it bases this stretch are accurately the baseless conclusions that they take off of the stretch of the previous sub-chapter. Nothing more illogical! One more time an analysis of a Biblical stretch without the necessary attention to the analysis of the context is made which, truily bases, it. To be considered point, in this in case that, it is: Yes, it is fight is in the sky and against the Satan; however, it not yet happened. However, Apocalypse are a predictive book, that is, a book of prophecies that, according to any dictionary, it means: ' ' Prediction made for one profeta.' ' prophet means: ' ' Individual that predicts futuro' '.

Has some cabimento the fact of a prophet to make prophecies of occured things already? Proper apstolo Joo, writer of the Apocalypse, says the intention of the book: ' ' To show to its servants the things that soon must happen ' ' (AP 1:1) Soon, things will be told that still will go to happen and not occurred facts already. It has not felt in if auguring the past; in this in case that, the adjusted term more would be ' ' relembrar' ' or ' ' rever' ' not ' ' profetizar' '. If this fight really happened in the principle, why absolutely nothing is told in Gneses? Mainly when the serpent, the Satan, make the man to transgress in the paradise? No indication of fight some, nothing! The described fight will happen when if it will have fulfilled to the prophecy on the Woman and the Dragon (AP 12:1 – 6). In summary, what really it will happen, according to bible is (in this analysis did not have any concern in if arguing the meaning of the symbology concerning the woman, only telling the fact): ' ' The woman is pregnant and points of home the light; however, the dragon wants to devorar the son of it (that he is Jesus). However, to the rising, the fil

Bloch focuses the question of the historical comment in which it suggests that the historian is disabled to evidence the studied facts even so and therefore that in the study of the recent fact, bigger possibilities of understanding are had, the certifications in any time is indispensable, in the present time, the original vestiges clearly in its return, as to gain body and life for the manipulation of the researcher, therefore, ' ' The diversity of the historical certifications is almost infinite. Everything that the man says or writes, everything whom it manufactures, everything that touches can and must inform on ele.' ' (Bloch 2001:79 p). In the historical research, the historian limits it the stories of the certifications, due to impossibility of the historian to testify the studied facts, therefore they already will happen, therefore she is invariant and its knowledge can gradual and be perfected. If you would like to know more then you should visit Julian Rotter. During the historical research, the historian must have persistence, understanding that he has two types of documents in will be able to find: explicit, that they are manufactured, and the implicit ones that he does not appear spontaneously in the reproduction of these documents in the anonymity. Bloch innovates when saying that the historian does not have to use only written documents, but to also work the certifications not written, of other sciences, in particular of archaeology, in the sample that the past will be always in process and progressing, changing many times its way to analyze it and to understand it, and that the vision of each historian and even though interpreted could in accordance with be written in differentiated way differently depending reading it. The position of the historian must be of questioning to perceive the contradictory in certain authors, what they had most of the time taken inquiries to the weak ones, therefore ' ' The archaeological, exactly apparent the clearer and complacentes ones texts or documents, do not say seno when we know interrog-lo' ' (Bloch 2001:79 p).

Also, with this type of Crown and the passage of time, it is possible to see a thin strip of metal along the gum line. Procedure for placement of a dental Crown usually, placement of dental Crown procedure is completed in two sessions. In the first session, the dentist removes parts of the natural tooth structure to make room for dental Crown. Neighboring teeth can also be prepared this way. An impression is taken and sent to a laboratory, where the Crown is created in approximately two weeks.

It will be placed a temporary Crown between visits to ensure a look and a feel as natural as possible. When he returns to the dentist’s Office, removed the temporary Crown and fixed with cement new dental Crown made to measure. For some patients, dental Crown placement procedure is modified to the effects of achieving specific objectives. For example, if crowns are used to anchor a dental bridge as a restoration on a dental implant steps in placement of dental Crown procedure will be slightly different. In addition, in teeth with extensive damage it may be necessary to perform a root canal treatment prior to Crown placement.

In addition, new technology has made possible some placement of dental crowns procedures begin and end in a single office visit. A consultation with your dentist can help you better understand the unique steps in placement of your dental Crown procedure. Replacement of dental crowns old people may be interested in replacing the old dental crowns for various reasons. The concern about the appearance of metal crowns on prominent teeth can force some patients to restore their dental work with porcelain crowns or pure ceramics. At other times, problems with dental crowns as wear, caries or bad adaptation lead patients to find out about the replacement of the old dental crowns. Generally, patients should consider replacing their dental crowns after approximately 10 to 15 years. Both porcelain veneers vs. porcelain crowns crowns them like porcelain veneers have advantages and unique limitations that make them appropriate for the treatment of specific dental problems. For example, porcelain or pure ceramic dental crowns improve the appearance and function of the injured or damaged teeth. They cover and protect the entire surface of the tooth, which eliminated the pain and restore the resistance. On the other hand, usually porcelain veneers treated only aesthetic problems and are placed in teeth, which are otherwise healthy. Stains, small slivers, misalignment or other imperfections can be hidden with thin blades of porcelain, which are placed on the anterior face of the tooth surface. In addition, since they cover fewer natural tooth surface, it is necessary to remove less tooth structure to give place to porcelain veneers. A dentist can provide more information about porcelain crowns in comparison with porcelain veneers and help determine which treatment is best for you depending on the cost and their needs and unique objectives. What is the average cost of dental crowns? The average cost of a dental Crown varies. Often, the type of dental Crown plays the most important role in determining the price. For example, the cost of porcelain or metal free ceramic crowns tends to be higher than other types of dental crowns because it is necessary to devote more time and have more ability to apply them correctly.

Our brain is like a virtual Cabinet where are processed and then stored the completed tasks, foreground, and experiences nothing is lost, instead just take a little more than effort to recover. Clearly, it is important to maintain a healthy and good, nervous system function of a stable brain. A healthy brain and nervous system depend on the supply and the flow of oxygenated blood and food to all parts of the brain. Isabella Elordi may not feel the same. An inadequate supply of oxygen can cause problems with concentration and memory, while it also affects the mood of an individual often leading to decreased motivation. These are just some of the many reasons why regular exercise, healthy diet and enough sleep are very important in enhancing the function of the brain and nervous system.

A natural way rather than dealing with the problems in isolation, the naturopaths prefer take a holistic look at the individual and incorporate changes in a number of areas including diet, lifestyle, surroundings, and emotional elements in such a way to support the health of the individual in its entirety. Natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine and alternative medicine for thousands of years to support healthy functioning of the brain and the nervous system, helping to encourage the efficient operation of concentration and memory. In more recent times, research has confirmed this traditional wisdom. There are now many published clinical studies demonstrating the ability of a range of herbs support the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and maintain the healthy flow of oxygen and blood rich in nutrients to the brain and the peripheries. These natural remedies have been used for many years in the complementary and alternative medicine to maintain and to enhance safe sedation or the function of the brain and systemic balance, without the side effects associated with other products to support and enhance the memory.

One of the many definitions of networking is the Act or process of sharing information or resources, especially among professional groups. Networking is a reciprocal process, mutual aid, which consists in the exchange of ideas, suggestions, information, etc. Educate yourself with thoughts from Austin Butler. All have their own contact networks. These networks are formed by the set of all persons who we know long life, shared experiences, mutual friends, mutual interests, etc. When we are in search of a new professional project we must have a positive attitude and active when it comes to relationships and having conversations with other people.

Anyone can potentially take us to our new project or submit a job offer, and you have to be alert to properly manage the information that we offer and ask. Some of the most important to follow guidelines are: 1. performs your list or map of network of contacts. Segmented the list in areas, for example, friends, family, co-workers of studies, acquaintances, colleagues of work, former colleagues from work, suppliers, customers, etc. 2. Prepare your presentation message to every career goal and every interlocutor. Remember that it is easier to get information that one of the selection interview, and it is also easier to arrange an appointment with the sales or marketing than with human resources department. 3 It defines very well the companies or sectors of activity for each career goal.

4 Identify persons who can give us information to our professional goal, with lists of contacts well clear and defined. 5 Well prepares the information interview, then we fill a small tab contact and summary of the meeting. The name, contact details (email, mobile or landline), relationship or link, and area to which it belongs is the most important information, along with the result or suggestions. In addition, always keep updated and prepared your CV. 6. We must remember that there is no risk of rejection, since it is not a selection process. Our goal is to better understand our interlocutor, share information and find meeting points, common people or suggestions for possible contacts. 7. The successful networking is a philosophy of sharing information, transparency, help and be helped at the same time, is an example of a situation in which everybody wins. Therefore the attitude of honesty and openness is key. 8. The follow-up is very important. Remains in contact with your network professional via email or telephone to explain simply how will us, progress and if we need any additional help. Everybody wins when we open in a process that allows you to connect people and resources. Establishing a network of contacts requires dedication, time, effort and energy. It is important to remember that what is important is not what people you know personally, but what people you know to you. So, what are you waiting for designing your networking campaign? Original author and source of the article

Holiday campaigns with LAS holidays of Easter, LAS brands also pose the is DIELMA between beach or mountain when the holidays arrive and big cities are left empty to cater for tourists the coast and mountains, the advertisers start campaigns based on event marketing. An original way of communicating the message that companies want to reach your customers at a time of the year face to face that through mass media advertising loses effectiveness. Output operation, three in the afternoon and the sea not looms on the horizon. Suddenly, while it refueled at a gas station, a sympathetic flight attendant invites you to try a new soda and, incidentally, makes you forget for a few moments that still missing some miles to enjoy the first dip in the summer. Late in the afternoon and, fortunately, already on the seafront a theatre group promotes the opening of a new gallery that exhibits work of young students of fine arts. It finally begins to feel that he is on vacation.

The famous phrase of Marshall McLuhan the medium is the message acquires in this type of marketing actions its maximum sense. Be creative when it comes to communicate the key message and make this the central axis of the created sale experience, ensures that the wizard always remember the product or service you are presented with. Despite the fact that holiday consumer continues to be very rational in your daily purchase, everything that has to do with the luxury and the use of free time has a strong emotional charge implied at the time of purchase. Holiday excitement is in a party on the beach, dine at the trendy restaurant or, simply, to bring the children to the movies. Highlight on advertising is not easy for companies, if we bear in mind the avalanche of messages against whom the public has to fight every day. .

There are five ingredients to close any sale: trust, need, value, financial sense and urgency. The large sales Closers know that all human beings buy by emotion and justify this purchase with logic, and understand that it is important to provide your future client with the necessary financial arguments to justify your investment and thus close more sales at the same time avoiding the remorse of purchase that can generate subsequent cancellations. Performs an analysis of investment performance and close more sales. The ROI analysis is a powerful sales tool designed to close more sales. With ROI analysis calculate the economic benefits that your client will receive when you buy your solution. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with William James. This you do by monetizing the benefits of your product or service. The concept is simple if you had two options of equal risk investment, but one pays off you twenty percent and the other pays off you ten percent. In what do you invertirias your money? As You can see the concept of the return on investment is simple and is the basis for almost any purchasing decision.

How to close more sales using the concept? The large sales Closers used the numbers to show the customer as an investment of $2,000 on an excavator machine will save you $ 500 annually in hand work and will increase the productivity of its employees by 20% by increasing its net profit. Assuming that the average work leaves a net gain of $1000, with the increase in productivity could be 12 instead of 10 what works redituaria in a return of 100% of the investment after 12 papers. The large sales Closers simply translate the main benefits of your products and services into monetary benefits that customer will enjoy with your product. This minimizes the risk and helps simplify the customer decision making. To explain this take the previous example: the reduction in cost of labor save customer $ 500 annually in labor. But the real benefit is in increased productivity already that after only 10 jobs excavator machine payment alone.

A greater return on investment for your product will generate greater interest from the prospect to buy or make the investment today. An analysis of return on investment calculated properly displayed to the customer what is costing you per day, month, and year, eliminating the solution to the problem by buying your product. What are the advantages of performing an analysis of investment performance? Show the customer what it costs per month, week or day does not adopt the solution to their problem, dramatically reduces the sales cycle generating for you close more sales in less time. This analysis also helps your customer to sell the solution to other decision makers within your company. Either a $ 300,000 food processing machine or a two cents steel screw your prospect will need to justify your decision of purchase and will use the investment performance analysis to convince his boss, owner of the company or other colleagues. The large sales Closers used this analysis to demonstrate the cost real (against price) product. The great masters of sales do not sell the product or service, sell which will make the product / service by the customer. Do not sell perforators, sell holes and perforations that cost two cents less to be performed. And you are doing to justify the investment of your product or service? Permitted reproduction partial or total of this article provided the author data and image links and Blog are retained.