Monthly archive of July, 2016

High speed spindle – one of the main parts of the machine, it means the failure to stop the car. Purchase of a new spindle is much more expensive than repairing the existing spindles. Companies involved in repair spindles can also make the optimization and modification of the spindles. There are certain steps of repair of high-speed spindles: test, test performance, supply spindle disassembly, assembly spindle; acceptance protocol, the formation of supply, repair spindle balancing, commissioning, start spindle sent to the customer or mounting spindle on the lathe. Let us detail each step, since each has considerable amount of additional work. First step: the arrival of the spindle, it includes: an input control, checking the packaging, visual inspection of high-speed spindle, inspection times, filling the protocol and fotoprotokola, control of the cone. Minutes often contain details of the serial number, manufacturer and type; Notes client, the date of receipt of the spindle, and data about the customer. Second step: testing the operation, it contains a test stator magnitude beats, sensors, leak holder spindle.

After this test is the test bench, the third stage. The test bed can help control the condition of the main parts of the work, to recognize fault in the assembled state. After the dismantling of the stand should the spindle. Usually conducted a partial dismantling of the details, complete only if needed. Actions after the dismantling of the spindle include: inspection of parts; clamps; shaft; temperature sensors, sensors, bushings, flanges, bearings, rotor, stator, encoders, cleaning parts.

Filled in the report of survey. Then put up a proposal to repair spindles specifying the detailed recommendations operating the spindle, the way of repair, spare parts and repair costs, the reasons for failure. After approval of the proposal by the customer is repairing spindles: balancing, replacement of bearings, a typical repair, replacement consumable spare parts. Further tests are made and spindle shaped paper acceptance, followed by a dynamic balancing of the spindle and the control run. The final stage – installation details to the client machine or otsulka details of the client, corrosion protection, packaging.